The reasons i choose this university is because tourism is my dream course and with my research,i found out this university gives quality teaching to develop and establish skills for the future. Also with its great environment and a lot of international students worldwide, it is a perfect chance to build connections.

 4 Years ago

i choose this university because it is home to a beautiful city filed with culture.I have done my research and the city seems vibrant and exciting it also contains good facilities and it has a good rank .

 5 Years ago

I want to further my studies in Graphic Design , however I there is no institution in Namibia where I can study in order to get a degree because I only have a diploma. My brother actually advised me to look for universities in China. I decided to do some online research and that is how I came here.

 6 Years ago

I have been studying Chinese for 2 months already in Shanghai. I am very motivated to continu and I want to see another part of China. Chongqing is the biggest city in China, moreover, the advanced Chinese language and cultural program seems very interesting for me, that is the reason why Chongqing Technology and Business University fits me perfectly.

 7 Years ago

to persue my career in the tourism industry

 7 Years ago