Minzu University of China (MUC) is one of China’s most important comprehensive universities, and is titled with "Project 211"、"Project 985" and "World-class Universities and First-class Disciplines", The titles are honored to the best universities in China. The university is located in Haidian District of Beijing, where there are many famous universities. It is near the National Library of China to its south, and the Chinese “Silicon Valley”—Zhongguancun Science Park to its north. The university is renowned for its highly distinctive ethnic characteristics. It also has a beautiful gardenlike campus, something rarely seen in northern China.

MUC has a comprehensive set of disciplines. Humanities are its main focus and ethnic study is its defining specialty, with courses covering liberal arts, science, engineering, medical science, management, education, finance and economics, politics, law, arts and physical education and so on. At present, MUC has 24 colleges, 64 bachelor’s degree programs, 140 master’s degree programs, and 39 doctoral degree programs. Its ethnology, Chinese ethnic minority language and literature, and Chinese ethnic minority art rank the first in China and are well-known globally. All majors are open to international students. Today, MUC has a faculty of 1,893 members, among whom 1,196 are full time teachers, including 678 professors and associate professors, 57%of full time teachers. The university has established communication and cooperation with 150 universities and institutes in 35 countries and regions in the world. Every year, many well-known scholars in different academic fields come to visit, exchange and teach in our university.

At Minzu university of China, multiple cultures are harmonious with each other. Not only does it have a high-quality, top-level faculty with many ethnic backgrounds, but also 60%of its 16,858 full-time students are ethnic minorities. In a sense, MUC is a microcosm of the big family of Chinese ethnic groups, and it is the only university in China where all of China’s 56 ethnic groups are represented in its faculty and student body. The multiple cultures of the 56 ethnic groups harmoniously coexist here.

Minzu university of China is one of the most well-known institutions in teaching Chinese as a second language in China. It is also one of the first 8 universities in China that enrolled international students and began teaching and researching Chinese as a second language. It is also an accepting institute for international students with “Chinese Government Scholarship” or Hanban “Confucius Institute Scholarship”. We have over 700 international students from more than 50 countries every year. The College of International Education is a special agency that is responsible for recruitment, Chinese teaching and management of as well as service to all international students at MUC. Meanwhile, the college is in charge of non-degree Chinese language programs and B.A.program in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, as well as Master’s degree program in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages and Ph.D. program in International Chinese Language Teaching to both Chinese and international students. The college has good facilities and an excellent team of teachers. Over 60% of the full-time teachers have doctor’s degree. For international students, the college provides small classes. Our teachers have a great deal of teaching experience, and out of classroom there are tutors and study partners who help in solving difficulties in studies and daily life.

International students from all over the world are welcome to study at Minzu University of China!

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