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From : Afghanistan

i have reviewed the OUC on CUCAS. according to me it was really amazing.

 4 Years ago
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From : Germany

Ive been to the Ocean university for a semester abroad in the english business administration program. This program was really interesting, the lessons were of really high quality and the lecturers had a high qualification and were really motivated.
The Campus is really beautiful and the students there are all very nice and helpful. Its so easy to make chinese/ international friends there and you can find everything you want in and around the campus.
The administration was good as well, you get fast and sufficient answers, sometimes the answers are a bit short and you have to ask twice, if you have a problem, but they were always very motivated to help.
The food in the canteen was very cheap but still very delicious. They only provide chinese cuisine, no international cuisine, but the restaurants near the campus sell literally everything for a very low price as well.
I lived in the Golden Hotel, where all the international students of my program lived. The rooms (2 beds, you can decide wether you have the room for you alone or wether you want to share it to get halft price), are clean and you find everything you need such as a TV, internet, own bathroom with own shower. The Wifi could be better in the hotel, but since youre in China, you can buy a SIM card very cheap and use 4G for a low price.

I highly recommend to visit the so called "english corner" there, where both, international and chinese students gather and share experiences and just chat in a very cozy atmoshphere.

The semster abroad in Qingdao was worth every penny and I can highly recommend it.

 7 Years ago
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