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From : Solomon Islands

They have the worst administration here especially to foreigners they dont care about us. I regret choosing SYSU.

 3 Years ago
2 0 2
From : India

worst administration ever,,please never even think about joining this university

 5 Years ago
4 0 1.6
From : India

 5 Years ago
1 0 2
From : India

I am in my internship period now ,which we have pay the whole year fees,,and we wont get any money as a stipend or whatever ,they dont provide any transport facilities to go to hospitals (for the interns especially foreigners ),,they ask money for everything and they dont do any shit for us,,as an intern they dont let us do any thing in the hospital,,After ward rounds (which we dont understand because mostly in Cantonese) we do nothing ,just simply sit and stare at the walls ,really!! Life as a MBBS (English) student sucks,,

 6 Years ago
4 0 1.8
From : India

Please Dont choose Sun Yat-sen university to study MBBS (in English) ,i am a student here,,saying this with my experience

 7 Years ago
9 0 2.5
Chatpattanasiri Supitcha
From : Thailand

I am pursuing Bachelor\'s Degree here in Business Chinese major. Most teachers graduated from high rank universities. My Intermediate Comprehensive Chinese teacher had PhD from BLCU. Many teachers can speak English with understandable accents. There are international student activities almost every week to help us get friend and practice speaking skill. My dorm is excellent, but I have heard some are very small. Accommodation is well-prepared. The only thing I will criticize is the poor food quality at cafeterias.

 8 Years ago
5 0 4.7
Gunnoo Neha
From : Mauritius

Sun yat sen is one of the best medical school in China. Very well located. Bad thing is the air pollution.

 11 Years ago
3 0 4.6
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