Chinese Language Class Scholarship
Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College
Available Scholarships
Program Information
  • Starting Date:Sep 01,2023
  • Degree:Chinese Program
  • Duration: 1 Semester
  • Teaching Language: Chinese
  • Tuition Fee: RMB 9,600 In Total
Entry Requirements

This scholarship is for students applying for long-term and one semester courses of BLCC.

Program Highlights

  • Variety of Elective courses
  • A study tour in Beijing every two weeks
  • A study tour in China each semester
  • Students can apply for the program at any time. 
  • There is no limit for study length, age and Chinese proficiency.

Program Description

Program Introduction

Flexibly designed to improve students' Chinese level, the program provides three kinds of classes, namely, the introductory class, the intermediate-level class and the advanced-level class, lasting from half a year to three years, to cater to the different needs of students with varying Chinese levels.
BLCC is also an examination point for HSK tests so there are also HSK courses.


 Courses: Basic Chinese, Spoken Chinese, Chinese Reading, Chinese Writing, Chinese Listening etc.

Optional courses

Chinese Vocabulary, Spoken Business Chinese, Chinese Recital, Selected Reading of Ancient Chinese Works, Learn Chinese from TV, Contemporary China, Traditional Chinese Realistic Painting, Calligraphy, Seal Cutting, Flute Playing, Martial Arts,Dance, Basketball, Table Tennis, Badminton, etc.

Class Schedule

There are about 4-6 classes per day and 45 minutes per class. Classes start at 8:30 in the morning and end at 3:40 in the afternoon.

Study Tour

BLCC will arrange excursions in Beijing from time to time, such as visiting scenic spots and historical sites including the Imperial Palace, Great Wall, and Summer Palace etc. And students will have a study tour in China each semester to visit famous scenic spots in Mid-China, Eastern China, Central China or Northeastern China etc.

Fee Structure


Long-term Program

Long-term Program

(from 6 weeks to one semester)

Long-term Program (less than 6 weeks)

(no less
than 20

Short-term Study Tour Program

(summer camp)

Tuition RMB 9,600 /semester RMB 90/day RMB160/day


RMB 6,500/ month


Four-bed Room RMB 1,800/semester RMB 20/day RMB 30/day RMB 1,800/semester          ------

Two-bed Room

RMB 6,800/semester RMB 60/day RMB 80/day RMB 6,800/semester RMB 120/day
Single-bed Room RMB 14,640/semester RMB 240/day RMB 240/day RMB 14,640/semester RMB 240/day

Deposit money for accommodation

RMB 800 RMB 800 RMB 800 RMB 800          ------

Bedding expense

RMB 100 RMB 100 RMB 100 RMB 100          ------

Registration fee

RMB 300 RMB 300 RMB 300 RMB 300 RMB 500

Textbook fee 

RMB 200 RMB 200 RMB 200 RMB 200 RMB 400

Activity fee

RMB 200 RMB 200 RMB 200 RMB 200 RMB 4,000


RMB 12,200           ------               ------ RMB 11,200           ------

The charges of short-term program vary depending on the actual needs of participating individuals or groups.

Various course duration

1. One semester duration with tuition 9600 Yuan.
2. One year duration with tuition 19200 Yuan.
3. Two year duration with tuition 38400 Yuan.
4. Three year duration with tuition 57600 Yuan.

Note:  Students can apply for the program at any time. And there is no limit for study length, age and Chinese proficiency.


There are colorful activities in BLCC each semester including academic activities like Pinyin contest, vocabulary competition, speech contest, composition show and recreational and sports activities like a mid-autumn party, Christmas party, photography competition, Chinese karaoke, rope skipping, tug of war and table tennis, etc. The school also arranges celebrations for both traditional Chinese festivals and foreign festivals. 


In the canteen of BLCC, all are buffet meals and the food is delicious and affordable. The breakfast only cost 5 yuan and 10 yuan for both lunch and dinner.