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From : Tanzania

I wish one day to study in China this is my dream since I was young, that is because China is powerful state and developed in all aspect, I know I will learn more there, also China have good relation with my state Tanzania I love China that why now I study Chinese language. Anyone can help me to reach destiny please contact me through email or WhatsApp number +255754574253 wo I ni zhogguo ren,

 4 Years ago
5 0 4.2
From : Pakistan

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 5 Years ago
2 0 4.9
Antonsson Daniel
From : Sweden

When we first showed up at the college we couldn't speak any chinese, which made the first hour of our visit very confusing since the staff in the lobby couldn't speak anything else than chinese. I remember being worried about the 24-hour deadline for registering my stay in China even though, since they scanned my passport, I assumed the school had registered me. Turns out they did taking to account that I haven't been apprehended as an illegal immigrant yet. We were shown to our rooms within 20 minutes of our arrival and they turned out to be quite descent, although battered. The rooms are doubles which means you will either have to share it with someone or pay double room fee (single fee is about 6000 RMB for one semester). Bathroom with showers are included in the rooms but kitchens and washing machines are shared with the whole dormitory. Moreover there is a modest gym, ping-pong and pool tables and a courtyard with a basketball and a football field. The cafeteria is cheap for students and serve both breakfast and lunch. The teachers are mostly very thorough and helpful and the students have a very unstrained relationship with their home-class teacher. This nice atmosphere is very well achieved partly through the various after-class activities (e.g making dumplings, skip-rope competitions, sight-seeing). There are also optional evening classes for those who need it. What I like about this school is basically the teachers and the students. They all contribute to an atmosphere that make me feel good. Frankly, the administrative staff could have been better at English, although when they do understand what you want they are very effective at achieving this.

 11 Years ago
9 0 4
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