Under the guidance of the People’s Government of Liaoning Province, Shenyang Institute of Engineering (SIE) is a full-time regular undergraduate institution. Presently, SIE has a total student population of 11,064. Since it was founded, SIE has sent tens of thousands of applied talents to society. The employment rate of SIE has remained above 90% in recent years and graduates have received widely positive reviews from their employers.  

SIE is comprised of three campuses, namely, main campus, industry campus and science park. SIE occupies an area of 860,000 square meters and the buildings on site cover 320,000 square meters. Its fixed assets are valued at 840 million Yuan RMB and assets evaluation was 1,670 million Yuan RMB. SIE has 3 Provincial University Technological Innovation Teams, 7 Provincial University Excellent Teaching Teams, 2 winners of State Council Allowance, 12 winners of Provincial Elite Teacher Award,1 faculty member was awarded as the Hundred- level talent of “Provincial Ten- Hundred – Thousand Outstanding Talents Introduction Project”, 5 faculty members were awarded as the Hundred- level talent and 8 the Thousand-level talent of “Provincial Hundred-Thousand-and-Ten Thousand Talents Project,” 5 Provincial University Scientific and Technological talents, 8 Provincial University Distinguished Young Scholars, 2 Municipal Outstanding Experts.    

SIE consists of 11 schools and 5 teaching divisions, namely, Graduate Department, School of Electrical Power, School of Energy & Power Engineering, School of Automation, School of Information Science, School of Economics and Management, School of Renewal Energy, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Humanities and Law, School of International Education, School of Continuing Education, Public English Teaching Division, Fundamental Teaching Division, Physical Education Division, and Fundamental Computer Science Teaching Division. SIE has a variety of disciplines, covering engineering, science, economics, liberal arts, management and law. SIE provides 36 Undergraduate Programs and 2Engineering Master Degree Programs. Electrical Engineering & Automation is the Program with Distinctive Features at the National Level (the Six Batch). Energy & Power Engineering is National Comprehensive Reform Pilot Program, 1 National Off-campus Practical and Educational Base for University Students, 4 Provincial Experimental and Teaching Demonstration Centers, 2 Provincial Virtual Simulating Experimental Teaching Centers, 5 Practical and Educational Base for University Students, 94 experimental and practice facilities within campus and 132 outside the campus. The Teaching and research equipment at SIE is valued at 146 million Yuan RMB, of which 10 sets of large experimental devices are worth more than one million Yuan RMB, such as the micro grid technology, nuclear power plant control and operation simulation and 600MW Simulated Thermal Power System.    

SIE has established a national, provincial, municipal research platform system. The research achievements are as follows: 1 State- Level Engineering Technology Center, 1 “Liaoning 2011 Collaborative Innovation Center”, 1 Provincial Development and Reform Committee Engineering Research Center, 4 Provincial Key Laboratories, 1 Liaoning Province Social Governance Research Base, 1 Engineering Research Center at Provincial level, 1 Collaborative Innovation Base between Universities and Industrial cluster of Liaoning Province, 6 key Laboratories at Municipal Level, 1 Engineering Research Center at Municipal Level and 3 University-Enterprise Cooperative Research Centers.  

SIE has established friendly interscholastic relationships with about 30 foreign universities and educational institutions, such as Red River College in Canada, Murdoch University in Australia, Glasgow Caledonian University in the UK, UP in Spain, etc. Red River International College of SIE is the first engineering diploma granting Chinese-foreign Joint institution in Liaoning Province. SIE was awarded Excellent Unit of Recruiting and Managing Foreign Experts. In 2013, a contract was signed between China Scholarship Council and SIE on sending excellent faculty members to study broad.