Off-Siming campus accommodation

Students who fail to secure on-campus accommodation are expected to arrange for their off-campus accommodation on their own before their arrival. The monthly rental of apartments near the Siming campus is around RMB 2,300 per room.

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On-campus accommodation

The international student apartments on the Siming and Xiang’an campuses are equipped with a comprehensive range of amenities, with all rooms complete with a private bathroom, an air conditioner, internet access points, a shared washing machine, etc.

The Siming Campus offer 4-person rooms, with daily accommodation fees per bed ranging from RMB 8 to RMB 50; single or double rooms, with daily accommodation fees per bed ranging from RMB 25 to RMB 100. Students on the Xiang’an Campus will be accommodated in suites, each of which comprises four double-rooms. The accommodation fee is RMB 2,000-4,000 per person per academic year. On-campus accommodation fees are subject to change upon approval by price regulators.

Newly admitted students can apply to the XMU’s Student Dormitory Administration Office for on-campus accommodation. Detailed information will be available in the Enrolment Instruction for New Students.

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