Hebei University is located in Baoding, Hebei province. Presently Hebei University is a  compound of the Old Campus, the New Campus and the Medical School. Taking up an area of 192 hectares or so, and a building area of 1,000,000  square  meters, the  university  boasts  of  its  beautiful campus  sceneries and excellent facilities. The international apartment is located in the old campus and the fee of accommodation is from 25 to 80RMB/Person/Day. 

The Main Campus

All kinds of students are welcomed to Hebei University. The campus is only ten minutes driving distance to the city center. In the campus, there are post office, supermarket and book store nearby. On-campus housing at the International Student Apartment (Bailou in Pinyin) will be avaiable to students on the day of registration.
Note: There are a limited number of places for international students who want to live on the University campus.

Choose campus building

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