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 3 Years ago

I want to continue my studies in this university because of the quality of studies, training and teachings which is very good

 5 Years ago

I am have a great interest in financial risk management and I would like to explore the subject and serve the world as far as the subject is concerned.

 5 Years ago

My families both father and mother sides are from China. Thus, I personally think it is a very good idea to get started on learning about the country. In the future, I plan to run the businesses which may required me and my friends to deal with Chinese people / organizations. The first thing to get started with should be the language. However, as far as I research about studying Chinese in China; Tianjin University of Finance and Economics is one of the most well known universities to study Business Chinese and other Chinese related fields for Thai people as it provide students with high quality courses in affordable price.

 5 Years ago

I decide to choose Tianjin University of Finance and Economics for learning Chinese for some reasons. One reason is Tianjin city has important history and for me it is a good chance for learning Chinese and culture of China, Tianjin is close to Beijing, in my opinion the most important thing for learning a new language is learning culture, when you learn a both culture and language it can be easy to understand people, because language reflect countries cultural background. Another reason is Tianjin city has important place in business world, it has important port for international trade. I newly graduate from Anadolu University and Empire State College and my department is Business Administration, it can be so beneficial for me to develop both my Chinese and experience something related to my department in an important business city and important business university. Before I apply Tianjin University of Finance and Economics, I researched all opportunities for me and I realize that dialect has an important role in Chinese and the city of Tianjin is appropriate city for foreign students who want to learn Chinese.

 6 Years ago

I just graduated from Anadolu University and Empire State College and my major are business administration. I learn English during my university at an advanced level and I focus to learn another big language for developing my personal skills. In my opinion, Tianjin University of Finance and Economics is a logical choice for learning Chinese. Dialect which is speaking in a city, comments about the university and the city, is really attractive and can help me a lot for learning Chinese. Another reason to choose Tianjin is geographical location of the city is wonderful and it has many touristic places and close distance to the capital of China and the city has wonderful historical and cultural background, the huge potential of a business. Besides learning Chinese, learning the culture of China will be a great experience for me. As I said my major is business administration and studying in a university which is a related to economy and finance makes me feel more comfortable and it is a chance for improving my business skills.

 6 Years ago

When it comes to financial management, Tianjin university of finance and economics is the most suitable school for me out there, including other foreign countries.

 6 Years ago

Good price,nice city.Learn chinese to perform HSK test.

 7 Years ago

after doing research, it was the university that enticed me the most to apply.

 7 Years ago