The university has a good location, as well as the city itself and its climatic conditions. The university also has a very good rating. I asked peope who studied there, and they all recommended this university, that studying there is worth it, because there is excellent teaching and attitude towards students. This is probably the main reason why I choose this university.

 3 months ago

After going profiles of many universities which offer courses in Engineering, I settled for this University because i like were it is located and the detailed programme of what is offered.

 8 Years ago

I want to be good petroleum engineer.

 8 Years ago

Because this university is a good university for engineering and has qualified lecturers and also with a high level of sucess in thier results

 8 Years ago

1) It is because this university is the best in offering petroleum engineering course 2) It is also because of various funding options available for sponsoring students. 3) Thirdly it is because the university is suitable for exposing to students varieties of practical and real world Mining and Petroleum engineering practeses.

 8 Years ago

best university in petroleum engineering

 8 Years ago

this university is interesting and have a good reputation

 8 Years ago