I am interested to continue studying Physiology program after I got my MBBS degree, as well as the reasonable school's price. I had an amazing time studying in China and I would love to return there and gain the language and the internationally amazing reputation of studying there made it very desirable for me to return back.

 7 months ago

I enjoy Chinese Culture and would like to explore more about China. I would like to spend my university life in China.

 3 Years ago

I have heard about this university a lot from my friends and I read very good reviews about this great university as well as it is located in such great and beautiful city everything about this university attracts me towards this university is like honey for me honey of education and knowledge

 3 Years ago

I think this university is best for me to learn and improve my Chinese language skills. I hope so that i get chance to study in this university. To achieve my aims , goal and for bright future.

 4 Years ago

escolhe esta universidade por acredito é uma das universidade melhores na qualidade de ensino. e acredito que não tem uma descriminação racial, assim como descriminação por religião.

 4 Years ago

I really made my decision to Choose your University for Three reasons namely: 1. Your university is very popular allover the World with the Strong partnership with other countries 2. Your University has my Major subject" Pres-school Education" when I studied bachelor's in Early Childhood Education. 3. I need to know and to study in CHINESE LANGUAGE so that I can know and master that Languages through the recognition of Many Chinese Characters.

 4 Years ago

I like Chinese

 5 Years ago

More and more Koreans are going to China nowadays in order to learn Chinese. However, reflecting upon my experience in the UK when I was young, I am well aware that the learning will become slow when you are surrounded by friends from the same country. I heard Henan University has a relatively low number of Korean students and as a result, I chose here in order to provide myself the best learning environment and opportunity.

 5 Years ago

The University is proud of its traditions of academic excellence and for having one of the most diverse student communities in the The Peoples Republic of China . At University , you will meet engaged students from around the world who will help you feel at home, world-renowned professors dedicated to helping you learn and grow, and programs designed to prepare you for success before and after graduation.

 5 Years ago

I have seen most intrested degree programs which are not found on other university

 5 Years ago