Welcome dinner with a plus
Welcome dinner with a plus
Mar 24,2014

Editor's Note:  Ignacio, our new student from Argentina, studying at Beijing Normal University. We are pleased to invite him and his families to our August welcome dinner.

When we received the invitation to the CUCAS welcome dinner on a Saturday afternoon, we had no idea that it would turn out to be such an interesting event. We thought that it would be more of a formal event where we would shake hands with a couple of representatives from CUCAS, chit-chat for a while, eat our fill and head back home. Much to our surprise, the welcome dinner was preceded by a tour of the Qianmen commercial district and a walk through traditional Beijing alleys.

Both Amy and Peter, our hosts/tour guides for the evening were both knowledgeable and patient, and they took time to point out and explain several details of Chinese culture that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. whether admiring the fine silk garments at ( The Ruifuxiang Silk Store), or staring in amazement at ginseng roots worth more than a car at ( Tong Ren Tang), we definitely learned a lot about Chinese culture that evening. 

The Ruifuxiang Silk Store, founded in 1862.    Tong Ren Tang, founded in 1669.  Now is the largest producer of traditional Chinese medicine

And when it comes to cultural traits, food is definitely my favorite. We made it to the restaurant hungry enough to finish most of the food on our table. As everyone knows (or will soon find out) the Chinese like to order more food than they can actually eat, and there has to be a variety of dishes on the table at all times. So we had a chance to try several specialties of Beijing cuisine, including its world-renowned roasted duck. It was a delightful evening and I sure look forward to our next activity with CUCAS.

A shadow puppet Play   The restaurant