A grateful letter from Kenya
A grateful letter from Kenya
Mar 24,2014


I hope you are all  doing well  and   the year is treating you well .

I just want to say how much i preciated your help, after i and my son dennis had wasted almost one year looking for away to get into nanjing university for the engineering.

Had tried different agents back home but never went far.

It was until the time i come across CUCAS that my problem was solved within a period of less than a month and for a very resonable price.

CUCAS could call me, email me as many time as posible in a day at their own cost just to update me on what was happening and which way forward.

It was in less than one months time and dennis was in school.

This is a wonderful agent in china which honesltly works a round the clock to help.

CUCAS, you are wonderful people, keep it up and we are pround of you.