GOOD JOB CUCAS TEAM! -- Shared experience from Michael Payer's blog
GOOD JOB CUCAS TEAM! -- Shared experience from Michael Payer's blog
Mar 24,2014

This article is from Michael Payer(Vienna Austria)'s blog:

Ladies and Gentleman, it's official now. I've been accepted to Beijing Language and Culture University and will start my studies by 2012/9/3.

Many of you will now probably wonder how I managed it to get my admission package that early, because when I first handed in my application materials the university office replied that they do not accept applications before June 2012. Because of the fact that I already booked my flight for August I worried the required materials will not arrive on time to apply for my X Visa. In order to not getting into trouble I decided to hand in my material via CUCAS - China's University and College Application System.

You have to pay a management fee of 50 USD and they will take care of your application, which means you scan and upload all your documents (no need for mailing originals) and they will forward it to your desired university. The most positive thing of CUCAS is, that the fee includes 6 applications, so in case one of them doesn't accept you, you still have 5 other chances.

If you should fail to be accepted by all of them, CUCAS will return you your 50 bucks. Another advantage of applying via CUCAS is, that they will send you the admission package express and for free. The staff is really nice and informs you immediately about updates on your study. On April 7th I got an e-mail that my materials have arrived in their office and 5 days later I already held them in my hands. GOOD JOB CUCAS TEAM!!