Yuliya--Story about My Life in Zhejiang
Yuliya--Story about My Life in Zhejiang
Mar 24,2014


My name is Yulia. I am studying in the Zhejiang University of Science and Technology. I came to China from Kazakhstan. 

Although I have not once been in China, it is my first journey to Hangzhou. The city impressed me from the first minutes. A lot of greenery, flowers, unusual display of them, rivers and canals... Of course, at the first opportunity we with my friend went to West Lake, I have heard a lot about it in Almaty. Despite the huge number of people - I really do not like crowds - we appreciated this place. Perhaps, to view all these pagodas, temples, galleries, and just beautiful places, even a year is not enough. But what struck us even more surprising is the behavior of the Chinese people. I've never seen at home, that women were sitting in the park and embroidered, while the men played on musical instruments. Here, then, is considered the norm, and it's great. 

We also got to the zoo on the opposite shore of the lake. Finally I saw a panda live! And I managed to feed and pet giraffes, never forget. 

It is the first time I have gone for so long time from the home by myself and, of course, at first I was not feeling very comfortable, away from family and friends. But then, as we have arrived here, Chinese students, cheered me and all my friends. These people are always ready to help us with good advice, they are very easy and pleasant in communication. I hope here I can not only get a good education, but also spend time in beautiful surroundings, and find true friends.

--Yuliya (Kazakhstan)