VPN Service
VPN Service
Mar 04,2016

About Funscall SNZ (Security Network Zone)

Are you confused that you can not log in some overseas sites in China Mainland? Or you can login in through some  special tool, but to some degree, these tools may be unstable, or the price is too high for an ordinary people. Here,in order to help you visit some foreign sites fast,strong and smart, CUCAS provides the VPN service for you, which is operated by“FunsCall”.

VPN Service-FunsCall SNZ Advantages

  • Secutiry, Fast and Smart
  • Internet, Unlimited
  • Proprietary Transfer Protocol, More fast
  • Dual Mode support
  • Protect Your Online Privacy

How to Use the Funscall SZN

Firstly, you need to visit homepage, and DOWNLOAD a Funscall SZN Client.


Second, Register a Funscall Account at Here

Finally, Open Funscall App and Connect to Your Funscall SNZ Through Your Account.

as follow picture show:

  • Click the connect button will be ok

Note:  You will  acquire 300 MB traffic flow to experience when  you first register in Funscall.