Professionalism As The Core Of CUCAS
Professionalism As The Core Of CUCAS

CUCAS has redefined SIMPLIFICATION in Chinese university application process based on its professionalism, high efficiency, and rich experience.
Over 80,000 students who have used CUCAS Services endorse for their indispensability. 7 steps you NEED to follow if applying through CUCAS:

Selecting programs
Registering a CUCAS account
Filling application forms
Uploading school-required documents
Making payments
Receiving Admission Letters

17 steps CUCAS MUST do for every applicant:
From the very beginning of your application, almost every week you will receive emails from CUCAS containing instant feedbacks on each and every specific stage of your application.

Behind every e-mail, CUCAS consulting team and student service team are endeavoring to track your case by frequent contacts with university admission offices.

CUCAS will timely inform you to add outstanding documents or to replace unqualified materials. Otherwise, you could possibly be rejected directly for these reasons without any chance to appeal for yourself.

Once CUCAS receives your admission letter directly from the university, staff will e-mail you a scan copy of it and post the letter via DHL at the same time for free.

On average, 9 CUCAS staff in total will serve one applicant only throughout the whole process.