Reliability As The Soul Of CUCASk
Reliability As The Soul Of CUCASk

CUCAS identifies itself majorly as a platform to assist international students in application to Chinese universities with the most exact and clearest program information.CUCAS collects and categorizes COMPREHENSIVE information about courses and enrollment in Chinese Universities
*Easiest Access:
No response from admission offices? No updated information on official websites? CUCAS got the answers!

*Reliable Resources:
CUCAS has stable working relationship with the admission offices of over 200 Chinese universities.

CUCAS presents PRECISE and QUALITY information only The dedicating editing team of CUCAS checks every word about program information before uploading. Its staff also regularly contacts with university admission offices and frequently visits the official websites of universities for information correcting, confirming and updating.

TRANSPARENT process of searching programs
*OPTIMIZATION of search results: Based on analysis of searching habits, CUCAS knows best about what programs students really need and like.
*MANUAL INTERVENTION in its positive sense: CUCAS is an open and just platform helping students to find useful information.

FAIR evaluation of universities in all possible aspect
*Peer Reviews: authentic and just comments on universities by international students.
*Improving education quality: students can help universities improve their management.