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Khan Noaman Rahim
From : Pakistan

I likE that univErSity,,,,,, aNd i waNt to take admisSion in M.phil wildlife or if wildlife is not presenT inzooLogy,,,, buT iT so manaGefuL univErSity,,,,, i moRe seaRch abouT iT,,,, as A resuLt i deciDe to iT is besT univErSity,,,,

 4 Years ago
1 0 3.6
From : Pakistan

When ECNU confirm scholarship for me then it will be best because I am a poor and hopeless student . No one give me left.

 6 Years ago
1 0 0.6
Belte Agnis
From : Lithuania

ECNU is one disappointing university. Although it is supposed to be one of the best language teaching universities in China, they put me in a low level in which my chinese did not get much better. That was not the case only for me, many students also wanted to change levels, but were not allowed to. The teaching is very boring. I moved into 12th dorm as it was shown on the map to be close to the west gate as well as a canteen. I arrived only to find out that the gate and the canteen were closed and nobody knew when and if they would reopen. There is also no gym on the campus (all this applies to zhongshan campus) The only good thing is that the accommodation is very cheap.

 9 Years ago
0 0 2.3
Karlsson Robin
From : Sweden

ECNU is a nice overall university, located in the west of Shanghai. And I had a great experience studying Chinese there. The campus and the teaching building itself was decent, and the staff spoke good English so it was no problem communicating with them. The teaching was OK. I liked our morning classes because she was awesome, however, our afternoon classes were kind of... "lame" in a sense. But that might have been due to our teacher method of teaching. If I were to go there again I don't know if I would go with the normal language program or the intensive one, due to the teacher we had in the afternoon I would say the morning class might just be as good and potentially have more value for the money. They have both a Chinese and a Korean food place inside the campus. And there are a few different places just outside the campus; BBQ, KFC, McD. And a foreignerish bar called "Ellen's bar" with awesome pizza! Overall, I was happy with the university and I would probably go to ECNU again if I were to go to Shanghai for further Chinese learning.

 10 Years ago
4 0 4.5
Callin Jimmy
From : Sweden

East China Normal University was my second stay in China, and after half a year in Hangzhou I was more certain of what I could expect from a Chinese university. Before the start of the semester, everything felt pretty clear. They did a good job in sending out everything you needed to know beforehand, and it all went pretty smooth, or as smooth as you can expect in China. The dorms were in good shape, and the education was above expectations. They are using their own textbooks for Chinese students on beginner and intermediate level, that in my opinion are far better than the standard type of textbook you would find at other universities. If returning to Shanghai for Chinese studies, I would choose ECNU once again.

 11 Years ago
1 0 3.6
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