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Venegas Gabriela
From : United States

I was on this campus as a foreign teacher and I was impressed with the beautiful campus! There are plenty of cafeterias and restaurants and food stands all over the campus. I also feel that the price of tuition compared with other schools is a great deal. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and hope to go back as a language student.

 6 Years ago
8 0 4.9
Jastalska JustynaAlicja
From : Poland

It was a great experience for me, since I have started to study Chinese language. I became familiar with the coulture of Chinese people and found it very interesting. Everything on campus was well-prepared, so I have no objections. The teachers were very nice to students, and I felt like I was on holidays. Tianjin is a beautiful country!!! GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!

 11 Years ago
4 0 5
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