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Laamoud Zakariae
From : Morocco

 5 Years ago
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Laamoud Zakariae
From : Morocco

 5 Years ago
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McKibbin Zach
From : United States

I have studied at the school for five years and cant recommend anyone in their right mind study here. Most teachers cant even speak English, let alone teacher international students. Save yourself the hassle and study someone else.

 6 Years ago
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From : Iran


 6 Years ago
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Mandrawan Caroline
From : Indonesia

I was enrolled in a one year course majoring in acupuncture, at BUCM which is located at Hua Jia Di Nan Li, WangJing. The course not only focused on acupuncture, but also includes the study of the history of traditional chinese medicine, herbal medicines, massage as well as a practical experience at the hospital. One constructive criticism to consider is the lack of efficiency of the administrative roles. One point I would point out would be the inefficiency of the administrative officers. Transactions could not be easily processed as only one branch is able to do so. Thus, students have to travel to and fro 2 branches in order to get transactions done. Another point would be the unflexible payment days for the school fee. Apart from certain days of the week, fee payment cannot be made. Overall, I was very satisfied with the program BUCM has to offer. Not only it focuses on our chosen major, it also includes other materials that are essential for the students. The materials are mostly based in Mandarin however majority of the teachers are English speaking. The teachers are also highly educated with vast amount of knowledge in their own specialty and field. The efficient and effective teaching process is also supported by a very strategic and convenient location of BUCM, which is located right across WangJing hospital where we gained our practical experience from.

 11 Years ago
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