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Ofori Atenka Isaac
From : Ghana

This university is superb,good quality teaching

 4 Years ago
3 0 4.4
From : India

Xian Jiaotong has changed my life completely. From an under average student, today I am a successful and doctor working in US.
I was and average student till class 12. Thats why I could not get chance in indian medical college. So I approached Omkar Medicom in Kolkata. They told us about China and specially Xian Jiaotong University.
Omkar medicom (I forgot the name of the person) clearly explained me everything and told me that Xian is a very much strict university. So if I can give my 100% in studies, only then I join there. I thought to try my level best and study hard these coming 5 years in MBBS.
After coming to Xian initial few days I was a bit puzzled as it was totally a new environment for me. New country, too big city and beautiful University campus, but too too big than I estimated. A few days later the classes started. 1st 7 days I had a problem with the english pronunciation of few teachers. I was not a student of English medium in my school days. Slowly I started to understand them properly.
Omkar Medicom told me that xian is strict. But I found that the teachers there are truly strict but just like our parents. They are only strict because they want us to establish in life.
Today from the bottom of my heart I wish to thank all my teachers, hospital staffs and other staffs in Xian and a big thank to Omkar too.
5 STARS to Xian

 5 Years ago
3 0 4.2
From : Antarctica

I have spent six years of my life in this university, so I dont want to anyone to go through what I have been through
So in a nutshell this university is beyond bad every review you see on the internet is about the main campus nothing about the medical school all the pictures are fake, and they wont tell you until you come and see yourself I was so disappointed the facilities are ancient, class room are build since ww2 and so on library labs ... Etc, the only two places that are decent the hospital and the cafeteria and the office because the gang that run the medical campus spend their day there is like 7~9 teachers or so-called teachers who run the medical campus and the main campus use the medical one like money generating machine while reserving the main campus for scholarship student but seriously people spend so much money for nothing here invest you money somewhere else will be batter for you because if you go there you will need to pay double or maybe triple the price
for bribes(for the gang) and if you dont watch you dream of becoming a doctor fly away, and they will start trying to blackmail you

 7 Years ago
16 0 1.5
Jamshead Jaffar Raza
From : United Kingdom

This is a review of the Medical campus NOT THE MAIN CAMPUS. Because of limited writing space, I can’t fully review some aspects: Campus/Facilities The medical campus as a whole isn't that bad. All the buildings are a viable distance from the dormitory so getting to and from class is not really a problem. There are three well placed small shops which sell a variety of items from snacks and drinks to writing utensils. There is also a large sports field with a seating area surrounded by a running track which is useful for a morning jog. Most of the classrooms and lecture hall are of a decent standard however, some of them are of a poor standard. Some of the classrooms don't even have a whiteboard or air conditioning, which is a grave annoyance especially in the second semester when spring and summer settle in. Teaching Quality Most teachers are very knowledgeable and helpful. I have no trouble understanding them and they have no trouble understanding any questions I ask, however, a significant minority of teachers cannot speak English. They have learnt PowerPoint presentations and just read from them. If you ask them a question, you have to ask it in several different ways before they answer. Curriculum The curriculum is generally well organised and well thought out. The subject choice and placement makes for an enjoyable course. The basic sciences are placed in such an order as to make the main subjects of the course more understandable. On the contrary, the first year has almost no medical study in it. The medicine taught in it is English Medical Terminology and the first 3 chapters of anatomy. Most of the first year is spent learning Chinese which might not sound like a waste but the level of Chinese taught is enough to pass HSK level 3, which most people do in 2 years of learning. In a 5 day week on average, there are 23-24 hours of Chinese lessons, which becomes tiring after the first semester.

 11 Years ago
7 0 3.2
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