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Garvlehn McSimon P
From : Liberia

I had like to study at your noble institution on your scholarship program with help of your recruitment. I am an international student who is seeking scholarship opportunity to pursue studies for my masters program.
I can be contacted via this email or by phone 18252437793 and would like to study environmental management and sustainable development,
McSimon P. Garvlehn

 7 Years ago
5 0 4.2
From : Chad

hii guys i m a new student ,come soon to shanghai tongji university,i need for ur help.
to learn chinese fluently et effortlessly ..sos i can teach you french or arabic

 7 Years ago
6 0 4.6
From : Sri Lanka

I just wanted contact you to ask a help from you if you could

These days I am looking for a University (Medical College) to send my child to study Medicine.

Is there any way to help me to find one University in China.

My child has done Cambridge A/L last Month and waiting for results.

Tongi University university is approved by Sri Lankan Medical Council are as below

If you could please check one of this listed Universities for my child to direct apply without going through the agent so much the better.

Through internet I found some Universities asking us to apply through local agents

I wish to apply direct, because I have been Beijing, China once and I am sure along I can handle the process.

 7 Years ago
7 0 0.6
From : British Virgin Islands

Tongji university, good looking on the outside, hiding skeletons on the inside. the teachers, while not the best, are the least of problems you will encounter. its just not well thought out making it seem like one day they just went hey, lets start up an mbbs course, why not right. the campus is great, having a nice atmosphere, but thats not where you will be spending most of your time so think it out. give it a few years, maybe your kids can go and study mbbs there.

 8 Years ago
0 0 0
evans sasha
From : Indonesia

the teacher, I assure you, are not foreigners. only one American teacher taught us, and that was very good. but the rest, I believe the teachers will be very good and qualified IF they are teaching in Chinese medium. but we are studying in English medium and so far we are having A HUGE LANGUAGE BARRIER. lots of my classmates quit because they lost their interest in medicine. on the other hand, I'm glad that we even get to have monthly meeting with the dean directly, while you don't get this chance in other university. since this programme is still really new. 2 years by now. they listen, but they are not giving solutions. and I regret that. I really do. I'm pretty okay with the anatomy class because we get 1 cadaver per maximum 6 person. and I haven't hear as university that generous, most of them gives 1 body per above 20 students. we get to do dissection directly by our own while learning anatomy.. which I think is fun. but again, we have to stuck on our book always as the anatomy teachers' English aren't good. except one, the man, his English is understandable based on Chinese standard. another thing, I don't like the international student office. they are rude. as if they are working just because they got paid. not helpful.. and when we got problems, they pointed fingers at each other. also the administration people. but the administrator at our major is pretty helpful.

 10 Years ago
4 0 3
Ibra Lebbe Fajrutheen (Fajielu)
From : Sri Lanka

You have options among number of courses of studies. In addition, I like three things at Tongji. One is internationally experienced teachers. The second one is the most supportive friends at the schools. The last one is the services provided at the international students' building. I could really keep aside all the worries caused by isolation of my won family.

 11 Years ago
1 0 4.2
Marvin Mbadhwe
From : Uganda

I have only been here just more than a half a year but never regretted a single day for the choice I made. The international life at Tongji University is just what any international student would wish for and more. Though little is known and said about Tongji's International School for Chinese Language but it is what any one would recommend for another to pursue Chinese Language studies in China. The whole feeling of sharing a school with people from almost each and every corner of this world coupled with the tender love by the teachers is impeccable. I just cannot wait to start my major which is Architecture here next year since it has been ranked one of if not the best Universities for studying Architecture in China.

 11 Years ago
1 0 3.3
Caesar Ben
From : United Kingdom

I just finished my final exams for this semester. I studied at Fudan's language school on the Handan campus the previous semester and while Fudan was okay, I found I preferred Tongji for quite a few reasons (much cheaper, average teaching quality a bit better, 2-day class trip [didn't get one with Fudan autumn/winter], don't need to walk between classes [great when it's pouring down or freezing outside!] and imho Tongji has the more vibrant campus). School is located on the south side of Chifeng Road on the Siping campus. All language classes took place in the one building. The campus looks like attention has been paid to making as many social places as possible and the overall design befits Tongji's status as a top university for architectural studies. The welcome ceremony skipped the longwinded speeches I sat through at Fudan and was refreshingly honest ("our teachers may not be the best but they will work the hardest"). Administration staff were typically fairly flexible, sometimes friendly and only once did I feel someone had been a bit rude to me, while one other time I had to jump through a bureaucratic hoop for no particular reason - definitely above average in China! We had two main teachers for the core classes, a conversation teacher and a listening teacher. The first core teacher was very thorough and enthusiastic but slow and the second teacher was less thorough but fast - between the two, I was satisfied with the level while a few students didn't like the second teacher's method. The conversation teacher was enthusiastic and seemed to adapt her teaching method to the classes needs. The listening teacher was brilliant. Very experienced and probably the best teacher I've had so far in China.

 11 Years ago
3 0 4.1
alhajar dar
From : Yemen

I used to be Bsc. student 30 years ago of this university, although, not enough facilities at that time, there are close relations with stuff and teachers and they kept many problems facing students under control and therefore we got more knowledge in relatively short period of time, but nowadays because of the huge numbers of students and university expansion in the teaching field it seem that a quality is lost to the quantity. My Master study in Wales University has also strengthen this view towards my home university TongJi. I hope my opinion wont do any harm to it but in the contrary will strengthen it's stand towards advancement. Keeping in mind academic teaching is not only a business but more importantly is a humanitarian task.

 12 Years ago
1 0 3.8
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