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sdt sdot
From : (Unknown)

When I was having trouble in selecting university to persuade my further study which of course was getting a MBBS degree, but now I have already graduated & working in my country at present, I never regret till day to be a graduate from Sichuan Daxue. The teaching system & curriculum is good, teachers & other staffs are all friendly & co-operative. I like the good environment & set up of jiang an campus in shuang liu. For medical student i think university's hospital in huaxi is more than enough where one can get an exposure to what they have learned. One will always get access to places like library & classrooms to get yourself a peaceful studying environment among hardworking chinese students. Food is what i miss the most, cheap & best, but it takes some time for foreign student to get adapted to it. Campus is huge with every facilities with big classroom & adequate ventilation. Chengdu always feels like warm city with friendly people, busy evening walking streets & great smell of BBQ at night & baozi in morning. Don't forget to visit Leshan, Emeishan & jiuzhaiguo nearby if you can spare time & some money. So totally recommend it.

 10 Years ago
2 0 3.6
Kétari Ewen
From : France

Teachers are good, ambiance relaxed. Gao level courses are pretty good whereas beginner classrooms might be a bit messy. You might want to live outside the campus as dormiteries used to be in poor condition altough but I think they're undergoing some fresh-up. Xinan minzu daxue is also a good alternative as the semester there is around 3k rmb cheaper. Gudai Hanyu is recommanded.

 10 Years ago
3 0 3.6
Kaminska Magdalena
From : Poland

Sichuan University is definitely a good choice. The teachers are great and open-minded, the level of teaching is very good. After writing a test at the beginning you're assigned to a group, but you can change it if you feel your level is different. Classrooms are avarage - definitely not very modern, but equipped with basic stuff. Campus is huge and on the campus you can get everything you need, there is also sport center and libraries, many sport fields and tuc-tucs everywhere around. The administration is suprisingly well working (at least for chinese average), I never had any paperwork problems. The foreign student's dorm is not new, but quite clean. Only the common toilets were rather ugly, but I've heard they are going to renovate the whole building, so maybe they did until now. It;s very close to the school, maybe 2 mins. The food on capus in students cafeterias was VERY cheap but also untasty and caused some stomach problems, so it's better to pay a little bit more and eat some delicious food in normal little restaurants around. Chengdu is a great city, still remaining "real China", and it's close to many beautiful spots in Sichuan and Yunnan provinces. Overall experience - very nice, I recommended for frieds and they went to Sichuan University as well, no one regteted.

 10 Years ago
10 0 3.9
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