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Campus / Facilities -are very ok but normally are not used by foreign students because they're never given the chance to do so when it comes to the educational facilities such as labs. Teaching Quality -Liaoning university has good professors and lectures but what holds them back is English most lectures cannot put their points across in English, they struggle quite a lot. With a huge emphasis on foreign students to learn English, it's quite hypocritical that international lectures do not know to improve their level of English. Nevertheless, their few teachers who take the time to learn and communicate well with students. Accommodation- It is expensive for what their offering when you can get more economical prices living off campus for bigger spaces. The rooms do not look as promising as the brochure, pamphlets or the website as advertised. Most of the amenities promised are not available such as air conditioning which is only found in the international building for scholarship students or European students. It really depends you can be a scholarship student and still not get the rooms, also WIFI is not available you have to do it your self. If you leaving in the normal dorms you will struggle if you live on the top floors because the kitchen and laundry met are all the way down on the first floor. Your dorm matron or caretaker does not know English but is tasked with assisting international students. Curriculum-The course I studied was ok but the first half we all made to study some irrelevant courses that did not need a whole semester to learn eg Rules and regulations. Cafeteria- Was good had no complaints other than the workers are more inclined to serve Chinese students but hey that is something you get used too, just make your presence known to them. Value for Money- I find LUT expensive, it does not offer a lot of extracurricular activities other than athletics, basketball, volleyball, football, once every year to foreign students, it always Chinese vs Foreigners or Africans never inclusive. It's pretty much just a spectacle. If you're a female you're only limited to volleyball. If you're not into sports you have nothing but the choir to join. Other activities are not advertised to foreign students but only Chinese students. Administration- It is very poor, they do not represent you as students. All they care for is money. They are very unprofessional if there was an award for that, they would win it all the time. There are instances where they forget to hand in student passports on time for resident permit renewals, they tend to never be truthful with student debts or what students actually owe or paid. Keeping receipts is important because they may try and cheat you. Insurance is not clearly explained to students who end up suffering at the end because of this. They do not take students complaint seriously but rather leave you to dry. In conclusion, is all about sucking all the money they can get from you in any way or form. Finale verdict-Do your research before going here, be very cautious with agents who recommend this place, the school web site is not always telling the truth, so be very skeptical. I would advise you do find another place to study. Segregation is the norm in LUT Chinese and Foreign students kept apart in terms of learning from each other. African students or Black or Brown Studetns have it worse than other foreign students who come from European countries. Make a wise choice when choosing where to study or you might regret it.

 3 Years ago
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