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Isah musa Abubakar
From : Qatar


 2 months ago
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From : Pakistan

 1 Year ago
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From : Morocco

I studied at this university, it was a good experience!

 2 Years ago
1 0 4.6
From : Uganda

Shandong university has the best and skilled teachers I have ever seen. the teaching environment is also suitable for students . was there for my Chinese language and I really learnt a lot. special thanks goes to the administration of Shandong university

 3 Years ago
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From : Iran

One of the best universities in China

 4 Years ago
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From : Iran

one the best Universities

 4 Years ago
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From : Pakistan

Hello I am applying for PhD programme in condensed matter physics. Does anyone have idea how to apply for CSC scholarship for this programme ?

 6 Years ago
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Jicamo Waldegebriel
From : Ethiopia

MY name is WOLDEGEBRIEL JIMORE achieved community development and leadership major and minor social scienc from Ethiopian Adventist College with accumulative GP 3.27

 7 Years ago
6 0 0.6
From : South Africa

This is a review of Shandong University School of Medicine (Medical Campus) MBBS English program and not the main campus which in my experience is very good. The main problem is that the fees are way too high. I came to this university because I didn\'t know about any other universities in China except for Wenzhou and Shandong looks better in terms of ratings and because many South Africans and I heard that South Africans who graduated here have passed the HCPSA board exams in south africa. If only I knew more before I came. 45 000 yuan a year is too much to pay for what you get at this university. The quality of teaching and the facilities are not up to the standard of a so-called world class university. Some of the classrooms have AC, but it is one unit at the back of a class room that can seat over 100 people which is useless especially in Jinan\'s very hot and humid summers. The floors are concrete and the wooden benches and desks are not up to standard. The labs are decent, but not great. In the Physio lab the computers are still running on Windows 2000. In the anatomy lab there is never enough equipment. We had to buy our own scalpel blades and gloves after the 3rd lesson and when we asked the laoshi (teacher/professor) for more he told us that we had to buy it ourselves. Speaking of the teachers: The teachers are highly qualified in their fields with most of them having their PhDs, but they cannot teach. There are some decent and a couple of very good teachers, but the majority of them can\'t teach. They end up just reading the PPTs and they struggle to answer our questions in class. Their English is bad they struggle to understand us and we struggle to understand them, which results in this almost being a self study degree which can make it very difficult. We have complained and asked for improvements, but nothing every gets done. No one knows who is really in charge of things here and people seem to be scared of upsetting the administration staff at the International Office on the Medical Campus because they could just kick us out and we wouldn\'t be able to do anything about it. The university is more worried about making money than worrying about our education and training us as doctors. It is sad. The only good thing about studying here is that when you graduate it says \"Shandong University\" on your degree. Honestly it wouldn\'t be so bad if the fees were much much lower, As far as the city goes, Jinan is not bad. It isn\'t as international or big as Beijing, however it is close to Beijing. Not many Chinese people can speak English here so it will be a bit difficult in the beginning, but after that it get easier and is fine.

 9 Years ago
4 0 2.1
hemat Elham
From : Afghanistan

ok my story begans in spring 2014 I got admited to this university . its not after all bad university staff was ok no rude behaviour only will not help you if you have any paper work cause they will work only 8 hours in a week haha thats funny 2 hours working time in a day and its in from 8 to 10, surely you will have classes in this time so lets count it to 0 hour :) university is in good position near jinan square and qilu hospital. medical campus is beautiful i like the view but labs are not modern and clean very old but classrooms are ok rating is standard same wood chair and a greenboard can\'t call it black cause its not with projector in every lecture class no foreign teachers only chinese dorms are ok but i didnt like it cause rooms were too small its cheaper and bigger if few of yours classmate rent an apartment you will get more space jinan is not an international city so you will found alot of problems talking with people i like chinese people they behave very good if they know you remember they will act rude if your a stranger foreigner and didn\'t get what are you saying just keep laughing in anything they said and keep saying sorry i don\'t how to say it in chinese maybe pokashi but it works alot only thing i didn\'t like in this university was teaching the thing is teachers can\'t speak english i rate 1 from 5 so don\'t count on them to teach you anything same reading from ppt and they will take so serious exam so no cheating and plus you will get very low score than what where you expacting. we changed the organic teacher cause we couldn\'t understand a word he was saying and replace him with a girl she was good but she gave very low score to all the classmates the only good teacher that i like was inorganic cause he was using funny english and pictures in teaching and help us alot even gave the same good grades as we were expecting all other teacher will give you grades from you final exam test paper don\'t count on your attendance or practical paper cause i they will check it but the final paper is all they care. chinese teaching method was not good they were thinking we are advance students and expecting us to speak advance chinese in second week i swear i didn\'t know any word of chinese even in part of reading i didnt know its chinese or japanese. so if you want to study here to get a degree then come and keep self studying but remember if you are expecting to learn anything from teachers so the answer is don\'t waste the time and money.

 9 Years ago
5 0 3.3
Ungen Rowena
From : South Africa

If you really determined and your passion is to study medicine and can't get into your own country,then Shandong University School of Medicine in Jinan is a very good choice. I started my journey with the intentions of studing medicine in Nepal but unfortunately in 2006 there was political unrest in Nepal and the University I was intending on going to never opened,Whilst in Nepal I heard about studing medicine in China,I then further did my research and said id take my chances,travelled around the world for a chinese visa but you are only permitted a visa in your own country.I then returned to South Africa for one week got my visa and flew back to China.At the time I was only 19 years old and very skeptical and had this different picture painted about China,when I arrived I was astonished at how beautiful the country was and how friendly the chinese people are.I arrived at my campus and was given a very warm welcome as I was one of the first South African females to study in China.At first it was a bit challenging because of the language,but it didn't take me long to learn the language and there after China became home for 6 years.The course of study was in English and lectures was good I was in a class of 50 students and all foreigners.Well Im sure everyone is concerned about the food but Jinan has alot of international chain food stores but I personally could cook so I cooked home food all the time.There is cooking facilities on the campus which are clean and easy to access.Honestly the past 6 years have truly been an adventure and made me independant aswell.Currently now in SDU there is about 100 South African students.Studing medicine in china has been a wonderful experience I've met a lot of friends of different nationalities.Jinan became home and I was sad to leave when I qraduated the teachers and staff of SDU was always willing to go the extra mile for you.Jinan is a safe and clean city where you can have access to shopping malls.SDU is a great choice.

 11 Years ago
7 0 4.1
Penninckx Francoise
From : Belgium

Good teaching quality, very pro-active. Good location near small stores, but a bit too far from the centre. Easy to get to know Chinese students, nice international atmosphere

 11 Years ago
4 0 3.9
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