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3 reviews, 2.8 score
From : New Zealand

Nice campus, a littel far from city.

 3 Years ago
1 0 4.4
Levi Fabio
From : Italy

Nice teachers and well structured Chinese courses , environment is fine as well. Anyway the administration is very messy and unorganized. Starting from 2017/18 all long term language courses have been moved to Chenggong Campus (1h far form the city centre by underground).

 6 Years ago
3 0 2.9
Liang Genghis
From : United States

Yunnan Normal University is a dismal and pathetic institution. I've studied in Beijing and in Yunnan in various universities and I must say YNNU is by far the most disorganized and unfriendly school, especially for foreign students. My visa was mishandled twice by the foreign student's office which resulted in a 5000 RMB fine. And they even tried to blame me when the blatantly told me to hand my passport to them so they can take care of all the visa issues. The administration was very unfriendly and unhelpful, no matter what the issue. I was so frustrated that I decided to transfer universities. When I told them I was transferring schools, they were not happy and said they needed to cancel my current student visa and change it to a tourist visa so I could transfer universities properly. Without telling me they straight up cancelled my current student visa and did not set up a tourist visa as promised. Then they told me I had to leave China within 10 days because of a complication at visa office at the local police station. Now I am back in the States because of the incompetent, good for nothing, teachers and administration workers. Please spread the word to others.

 10 Years ago
16 0 1.1
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