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From : Ethiopia

I have a strong vision to become the best economics to solve economy related problem across the world. Surely this program help me.

 1 Year ago
0 0 4.9
From : Pakistan

In my life i have given myself certain goals, some relating to my personal life and to my life in business world. Education system is one of my modules which i thoroughly enjoy and found very interesting, i saw it a need of life which i want to learn in a much higher level. one of the reasons that i wanted to move for further degree is that i have enjoyed the whole learning aspect of my current education. it has helped me and i knew that learning is never ending process. Whenever i may be in an educational institute or out of it, i will be continually learning struggle. Revolution and getting knowledge are the aims of my life. Without struggle nobody can get knowledge and when knowledge enlightened then revolution automatically comes out. I knew that i wanted to learn more about the world of business, by doing my PhD in Business Finance in an advance country like China. gaining the degree enhance my possibility of looking things from other cultural business prospective in future. Academically i believe that i have a solid foundation from my young age..

 6 Years ago
6 0 3.4
Bento Isaac
From : Liberia

Reason from Isaac Bento:
When I started my undergraduate courses in Business, I always have the passion and interest to be one of the best. But unfortunately, I wasnt because of childhood responsibility after the death of parents during our nations civil war. I did a little best of my interest and passion in Business.

I still want to be the best with Shanghai University of Finance and Economics with a special interest in Master of Finance.

 7 Years ago
7 0 4.4
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