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From : Kenya

The leaving condition is good is daliana

 7 Years ago
2 0 3.1
Avdeeva Anna
From : Russian Federation

Kindly ask you not to get the rating estimation wrong. Yes, accomodation, attitude of administration staff and sometimes even teaching quality are not necessarilly DaWai's strongest points. But for me Dawai has become something far more than an educational institution. Even though i have only spent half a year there, I would probably even call it my Alma mater, because its contribution to my personal development (and even becoming personality) is so difficult to over-estimate. I don't know, where it comes from... Experience of Dalian City together with a tough, but incredibly inspiring "school of Life" in Dawai has made me realise so much about China, socium in its broad sence... made me realise so much about myself. I wish to share this incoherent review with those who are planning to continue their education in DaWai... Once you can accept the city and the university in your heart, it will open so many doors for you. Even if you thought there was a brick wall before you :)

 11 Years ago
3 0 3.2
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