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Pappoe Denispappoe
From : Ghana


 11 months ago
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From : Pakistan

GOOD , On of my best one.

 3 Years ago
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From : Liberia

I am interested in studying at UIBE to have the knowledge and experience of the Chinese economic plans and strategies that have made china as a country great with such a great population with regards to productivity.

 4 Years ago
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From : Germany

I really enjoyed my time at UIBE, the administration staff are very friendly and helpful, the teachers are professional and enthusiastic. In my experience, this has been the best place to study in Beijing outside of the major league schools.

 5 Years ago
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From : Tanzania

where could i get employment for this faculty

 6 Years ago
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From : Pakistan

hi friends,
I am Muhammad Jahangeer From Pakistan,
i want to know that i have completed my MBA-Finance and now i want to get admission in M.phil leading to Phd.
whats the procedure.

 7 Years ago
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Mukhtiar Mohsin Ameer
From : Pakistan

When I first reached the campus, I was really amazed by the way office staff handled all my accommodation issues nicely. The staff on campus is very much friendly and helpful. The campus is not that big, But the building for Business School is relatively much better than the others, and the IMBA classes are the best on campus. It's like luxury office, free wifi, free coffee, free notes and free pleasure trip on monthly basis. About classes, Quite frankly its not so hard, 3 months semester with 2 hours class each week. Most of the teacher do lecturing which is boring sometimes. But the best part is the group work and team projects. Almost every subject has a team project. The best part of IMBA program is the class diversity. There are no Chinese students in the class, most of the students are from Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Pakistan, Russia, USA, Mexico and all across Europe including Spain, France and Germany. Value of money, the tuition fee is a bit higher than the quality of teaching, most of the teachers are Chinese having there studies abroad. but despite the fee is a bit higher I think. It has a huge Cafeteria full of Chinese foods. For international students there might be problem until they adapt with the taste. But there are lots of international food chain around campus, Like, KFC, McDonald's, Subway, Pizza Huts, and 7/11 etc. It has 3 buildings for international students, Rooms are good, neat and clean, value of money. Curriculum is nice, 48 credit courses. 24 of them are compulsory but you have a big choice in elective courses.

 9 Years ago
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Tesema Workina
From : Ethiopia

China is one of the country that its development is at alarm rate. Then the china universities are own standards and qualities. so far I select first as the place of my study.

 10 Years ago
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Lucas Cole
From : Spain

The teaching quality is good but the campus and facilities are bad. The campus is not beautifull at all. There are no enough facilities at the school. The value for money compared to other school is so expensive!! its like paying double the tuition of other university

 11 Years ago
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Abdella Rayan
From : Ethiopia

The teachers are great. You can talk to them easily if you have any problem...There are many interactions between teachers and students ! I really apreciated it. I really improve my chinese. The academic chinese level that the courses required make me improve my writing and my verbal chinese skills. Classmates, friends and the people at the comunity were a great help. Every body were so friendly ... that is an important point when you are trying to communicate in a second language. The best part is it is very close to downtown it is only one station far to downtown so you can enjoy yourself.

 11 Years ago
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Beam Jack
From : United States

As most of college student I like to go out drink & party!!! I love clubbing and partying so I recommend this school to every party animal out there!! Sanlitun the main clubbing area in beijing is very near to the campus and there are a lot of good looking girls at uibe ; )

 11 Years ago
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ismail omer
From : Ethiopia

The language was a little bit of a concern before leaving because, although my knowledge was fair (I graded 590 at TOEFL), I did not have much conversational experience, nor I had taken any course in english. Anyway while facing some issues during the first couple of weeks, improvements were continuous and allowed me to gain a level of proficiency good enough not only for social situation but also for conducting business so i think UIBE is the best university

 11 Years ago
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Salah Rami Abdallah
From : Ethiopia

A great place to study because its in the middle of beijing and you can get access to everywhere you want to go. Its near to downtown. The teaching quality is excellent, the teachers & the staff are very friendly and caring. It feels like im home. I will recommend this school to everyone!!!

 11 Years ago
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