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From : Liberia

Renmin University of China Stands 12 in rank among Universities in China

 7 Years ago
2 0 3.9
From : Vietnam

I know many who are complaining about RUC's Chinese teaching program. But for me, I would recommended RUC for those who have intention to apply for Master's degree in China. You won't have to go to class a lot, almost no homework, just finals. If you are lucky to have a nice instructor, there is nothing you will have to worry about. RUC is pretty near to Wudaokou, where people hang out every weekend. There are bars and clubs and restaurants and everything you need for a saturday. Doing your master's here, you will have good opportunities to make Chinese friends as most of your classmates will be Chinese. There is also an "English Corner", which seems to be very famous around Beijing. Everybody would gather up on Friday evening and speak English on a proper topic. It will be fun and you will be very welcomed as you are a laowai (foreigner).

 11 Years ago
3 0 3.6
From : Vietnam

If you are choosing a univ. for your bachelor degree then this maybe a good choice for you. This univ. offers the best education you can have in China for foreign students in Law, International Relations and so on. Most of the professors are very friendly and willing to help you anytime with any problems you may encounter in both your academic life and social life. The administrative staff are super friendly here, in comparison with any other univ's. They are all my good friends, to be frank. Oh and all of them speak pretty good English. Everyone around, from the security staff, cleaner to roommates, classmates, professors are very friendly. We have beer parties every weekends. There is just one thing I don't really like is there are too many Koreans in this univ. They always stick together and form their own community. I sometimes feel like I'm in Korea instead of China. There are good cafeterias on campus (Chinese and Korean food). Not as cheap as in Tsinghua but still offering better price than outside. If you want Japanese, Western foods, there are a wide range of choices out of the campus, just 5 to 15 mins of walking away. There are 4 coffee shops here, and 2 of them are very close to the foreign students' dorm. Good coffee, waffles and toasts. Accommodation is pretty poor here. If you are picky and rich (hehe), choose the single room which will cost you about 80rmb/day. If not, the double room will be less comfortable with no private bathroom, public kitchens and washing machines, which will only cost you 31-35rmb/day. They have a tiny gym and a yoga class on campus for those who wants to exercise. But still, you can still choose gyms outside for about 2000rmb/year. Transportation here is super convenient, you can travel almost everywhere from here by subway or by bus. RUC is pretty close to Yiheyuan (the Summer palace) and Yuanmingyuan (Old Summer Palace). Carrefour and other supermarkets are just around. Malls are available for shopaholics haha

 11 Years ago
4 0 3.2
Baker Matthew
From : Canada

Terrible organization, misleading program brochures for every international program, absolutely no support once you get to China (and minimal support prior to your arrival), no communication regarding courses, policies are changed midway through the program, coursework is a joke, professors (75%) make it obvious how badly they would rather be anywhere else in the world, 90% of the courses listed on the program websites are never offered, you are not given 'electives', there is no orientation program or even a packet of information telling you (A) how to get your residency permit, (B) how to make sure you have right visa, (C) when/how/where to register, (D) when/where the class semester starts, etc. In sum, if I could take back the past year of my life, I would. If I could have had the foresight that this university would offer me nothing in terms of future career prospects, I would never have gotten on that plane after quitting my job to attend this program. Save your time. Save your money. If you want to pursue higher education, do it elsewhere. Don't say that you weren't warned.

 11 Years ago
2 0 1.6
Orcutt Lisa
From : United States

I'm a US student doing my first year of RUC's undergraduate program in sociology. Before coming to RUC I studied Chinese language for 2 1/2 years, so I can't speak for their Chinese language program (I've heard it's hard to follow and that BLCU is better). RUC has quite a large number of degree (foreign) students (undergrad or masters). So far I'm very pleased with the teaching quality (especially for the required courses). The language of instruction (at least for sociology) is Chinese but most of the teachers can communicate in English if I have any problems. Some of the required courses follow US textbooks (so far Intro to Sociology, Intro to Social Work, and Demographics Studies all followed US textbooks) but also with the Chinese dynamic, we learn in depth the situation here in China, which has been interesting to say the least. The administrative staff at the foreign student's office are extremely helpful and friendly and speak English. On-campus accommodation is fairly basic, not fancy, 2 people to a room, but located right behind the 3 main teaching buildings so very convenient. The campus is smaller than Beijing and Tsinghua universities, but has a nice academic feel. The new library is very nice. There are some good coffee shops. No good western food on campus as of yet, but ok Korean and Chinese. The campus is in a central location, near 2 subway lines and tons of bus routes. Going to all the tourist sites from here is convenient.

 11 Years ago
2 0 4.4
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