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From : India

campus is fine...well it is having a good atmosphere to study...but unfortunately the students who come here will automaticaly will lack the mentality to learn and have marks...because of the attitude of society will change them....these people will never respect your students...well the prime preference is given to the western guys or white people....well asian guys are not haveing a good foreigner demand concidering the freality your child may loos the situation to not a good mood or from my heart i say ....please dont sent your chilld to the institution....its not so good......but education and living cost is cheap from others.....t&c are there......well teaching is good....but parents you must consider the overall development of student not only education..listen this is a drama world...if you like come and play your role and move on....NEVER SETTLE..thank you and jai hind

 5 Years ago
5 0 2.7
From : Nepal

Specially Medical faculty is the worst. You will never get a peaceful environment for study. There\'s too much drama made by teaching management office and even foreign affair office.

 8 Years ago
8 0 1.4
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