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I am a french student in the Intensive Chinese language program. I consider this program as being excellent in many aspects, teachers are fantastic, motivated, young and open minded. The teaching methods are good and pragmatic, we learn useful chinese that helps us communicate in China on a daily basis like: introducing oneself, going to the bank, meeting someone, finding your way in the city etc. There is 16 students in my class so its easy to participate. As the name says the program is intensive so there is a lot to do but to be honest if you want to learn chinese you might want to spend more than a year studying so this program is not too much. There is a level for everyone, from A level (no previous learning) to C level with each level divided in at least two inner level (A1 A2 B1 B2 etc...) so you end up for sure with students with the same knowledge in chinese. Teachers are using minimum English, although they speak the language, because some students cant speak English. The accomodation is good, I am staying in the hotel of the university, we have wifi, private bathroom, TV, cleaning service everyday etc. Also, the school is organizing a lot of activities, almost every two weeks there is something to do. There is the culture class every friday, you have a tutor who is chinese, you also have a chinese volunteer who also helps you with the language, then you have visits of the great wall or the summer palace, fobidden city (all free), next week they have a trip to Shanghai for half price. Every month we have dinner with my class and the head teacher. Also with the Student association we organize language exchange and games wiith chinese students so thats fun.

I recommend 100%.


 6 Years ago
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zhou dong
From : Afghanistan

The school is really good point to start learning the language: teachers are helpful and have good methods. There are also almost whole-Asian environment, which can be an advantage for some people. It has afternoon classes which many people don\'t like.

 9 Years ago
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Masse Benjamin
From : France

The foreigner students abroad inside the school are few and because of that the classes are not to full and makes things easier to learn ïn a really friendly and motivated enviroment. The intensive program is really efficient to pick up quickly a basic knowledge of chinese in a matter a few months, people can converse of basics topics in only a month time already. the teachers are really friendly and professional ! They is a gym, a nice library and a stadium with basquetball, soccer, ping pong and babignton in the university which every one can spend is free time. The teachers can also be really helpfull in the outside classes to help you out for any troubles that you might have to face (lost of phone, open a bank account, etc....) Twice a week we have some chinese tutor who come helping us out to study what has been learned with durinng the previouse days , really helpfull thought !

 11 Years ago
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anantachat dholporn
From : Thailand

I think this university is good ,because all of life is good ,almost of teacher can speak english very well ,especially the dormitory is very good ,it's so comfortable. i like study in the class ,because every class student not much ,teachers and friends have good relationship ,it's very close ,and many of foreigner student ,such as korea japan thailand Indonesia Kazakhstan etc. ,and i think i have studied for 5 months ,my chinese is improve.

 11 Years ago
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Nazari Nasrat
From : Afghanistan

I think this is a really good university for studying Chinese and Bachelor's programs. I have been there for last 4 years, and feel very happy with the teachers and students of this university.

 11 Years ago
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