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From : United States

Before coming to Wenzhou medical University I did a bit of research but regret not going more into details, once your there it is too late, hoping to.be able.to help future student not to make the same mistake. sadly there is not much review on the internet about the School. IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON STUDYING HERE PLEASE STRONGLY RECONSIDER!

Reasons why not to choose WMU:

1. The Management has alot of attiude and have no respect for the student except for when its time to take your money
2. The dorm are below less than below standard, with moldy walls and things I prefer not mention, (when reported to management they tell you to live with it, dont try getting your money back and live outside of dorms, they will never return your money)
3. The classes are over crowded, with students talking all the time, the teacher can barely speak English and often has to ask the students how to prononce a word.
4. Unorganized teaching material with mistakes that leave you having to self study.

If your coming to WMU because you want a quality education STAY AWAY

 5 Years ago
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Singh Brett
From : South Africa


 10 Years ago
9 0 4.4
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