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From : India


 7 Years ago
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From : Somalia

when i first came here i though it was an epic university but much to my surprise it turned out to be a \'BUSSINESS\'

 8 Years ago
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Devon Charles
From : Cook Islands

I am a scholarship student here. I will tell you guys something, the worst university in china is jiamusi then it is Beihua University. Administration is the worst, crooked, corrupted. I have been in China for like 4 years now and i have visited many universities, seriously many of them and never found a university where the dormitory staffs treat you like shit. They are like watchmen, guards and other staffs sooooo rude you can't even imagine. And they want money for everything, you lost your room card you forgot your room card in the room, you come to dorm after 12, all the forms you fill for free in the whole world you pay in beihua. Applying for resident permit, 800 yuan per year, other universities 1000 yuan/5yrs. There is another options 11 months and 29 days is 400 yuan but school doesn't allow it wtf. Worst thing is they have security camera and those old cleaning people they steal your things as they have master key card with them and you are not allowed to watch the security footage, it's like whole school is trying to steal. Those administration people you might want to beat them coz they talk to you like you owe them your life soooooo rude....i read other review, best for learning chinese, seriously dude!! I learnt chinese somewhere else and had to move here according to csc agreement, in one year my previous school class of 133 students,87 passed hsk with level 5, 40 with level 6, 1 with level 4, 1 with level 3 and rest of them failed. Here school will not even allow you to sit for level 6 if you have studied chinese here in beihua coz no one will make it. And me i am not so fast learner and dumb in so many ways, when i was studying chinese in shandong with in 6 months i passed level 3 and was roaming around china as my hometown. You will see people here who are learning chinese literature for 5 years and their chinese level is so low you cant imagine, and i am talking about the majority. If you believe in god, trust me. Don't come.

 10 Years ago
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agger croon
From : Ghana

honestly, putting aside the fact that the school doesnt have fluent english speaking teachers it has a lot to offer....but if you are not that good in english i do not recommend this school cos it takes quiet an effort to understand the teachers but they are very good teachers

 10 Years ago
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coolia Coolia
From : Mali

It's my first year in here and i totally hate it, everything,everything in here,they suck! Dormitory is former hotel it looks like comfortable but in winter it's freezing cold and u cannot use any hair dryer or iron whatever needs 15V above, and public kitchen is always dirty and its the only place u can blow ur hair and iron ur clothes,how ridiculous it is?right? I'm just talking about Dorm,well if their teaching method was all right, i dont mind these dorm shits, but i tell you, teaching is so so so bad,its equal to zero,really, they dont care whether u're attending or not, they dont give homework, they dont care whether students understanding or not, PLUS the university locates in sub-urban area so that if u wanna buy something,let's say, vegetables,u have to take a 20 min bus to get nearest market,shit happens here, if u have any idea of coming here, please do not come!

 10 Years ago
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ghuria saqib
From : Pakistan

this is not good university .teachers are all chinese and all are well educated but they have bad english .hostel is very good and comfurtable like a 5 star hotel .but education is equal to zero .but if you want to study chinese language then it is best school and teachers are hard working .i stuied here one year chinese and i passed HSK examination in my first attemp .but i transfer to an other university because of teachers with poor english.

 11 Years ago
1 0 2.6
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