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From : Liberia

Hi everyone hi CUCAS and hi PKU. I am from Liberia my name is Prince. I want to study Computer Science major at PKU.
I will be glad to study at PKU by the help of CUCAS with a full scholarship program.
I love and chose PKU, because they are the top ranking uni in China and the 3rd in the world. I believe that PKU with deliver the best in my field of study as they have always been my their record over the past years.
I love PKU.

 4 Years ago
2 0 4.2
From : Ethiopia

I want to study physics

 5 Years ago
0 0 4.8
Ali Gouhar
From : Pakistan

Hi hellow to every one I know from Pakistan I want to to master programme in molecular biology or genetic engineering can you help me to get the schlorship guide me plz

 6 Years ago
5 0 2.4
From : Azerbaijan

the greatest university in China

 7 Years ago
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From : Azerbaijan


 7 Years ago
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From : Pakistan

i have done BS Physics Hons. now i want to study for postgraduate program of astronomy. can you tell me the procedure for to get scholarship?

 7 Years ago
2 0 2.3
From : Indonesia

I hope I can learn there. ROAD TO PKU !!

 7 Years ago
0 0 3.9
From : Ethiopia

Im interested to study at PKU

 7 Years ago
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9 9
From : American Samoa


 8 Years ago
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让他很 好
From : Afghanistan


 9 Years ago
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Limbu Daniel
From : Tanzania

I have never studied outside of my country but last year I visited your campus and I like to join your program.Exactly I love to be among of the student who wish to join you.

 10 Years ago
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Nguyen Pawel
From : Poland

Campus As one of the oldest and most famous universities in China Beida is known for its beautiful campus. There are plenty of canteens and restaurants around, they are quite cheap and the food isn’t bad either. Hospital, gym, post office, banks, convenience stores ect. - actually all one need is either on the campus or nearby (e.g. Wudaokou). Administration All seems to be very organised. There were no problems with administration. Teaching/ Curriculum Some courses might seem a bit boring, cause teachers are basing on textbooks mostly. Nevertheless, one can see there is a method in the way they teach. Courses are organised and teachers highly qualified and helpful, your knowledge and progress is evaluated regularly. Apart from a core language course (General couse + kouyu) as a student participating in long-term Chinese course you can also choose from a variety of elective courses like Business Chinese, Writing, Classical Chinese ect., although there is a limit in the number of couses you can attend, usually you can only choose 2 additional couses; some popular courses are organised at the same time. There is also a posibility to transfer to other departments after the first semester, so one can attend classes with Chinese students too. Accomodation As a full-scholarship recipient I was granted free lodging in one of dormitories for foreign students. The dormitory I stayed in was quite old and dirty, 2-person rooms with no air conditioning, showers and one toilet shared by the whole floor. Of course there are also nicer dormitories, but there are adequately more expensive. Besides, many people who start their courses in the spring semester have to rent outside the campus, cause there is no enough rooms available.

 12 Years ago
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Hyun Jae
From : South Korea

북경대 중국어 연수는 북경어언대, 북경사범대와 더불어 가장 좋은 시스템을 가지고 있습니다. 많은 축적된 경험으로 만들어진 교재로 수업이 이루어지고, 때로는 저자가 직접 강의를 하는 경우도 있을 정도로 학생입장에서는 아주 좋은 연수환경이라 생각합니다. 학생 선발시 국가별로 안배하기 때문에 특정국가 학생이 몰려 있지 않은 것도 장점이라고 할 수 있습니다.

 12 Years ago
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Ko Anna
From : Australia

Love the campus. Beida as we all know is famous for its beautiful garden lake and pagodas. But the toilets are substandard from a Western point of view, and some of the roads are unsealed. The canteens and restaurants are cheap but bad. No problem with administration, getting cards, etc. Although there was some problem initially with getting internet access on campus. Teaching quality was very good but I had Mr. Wang who was the dean of International Studies and very well known in his field. I guess it depends on the lecturer. Went on LSE-Peking Summer School Program. Stayed at the guesthouse on campus - stayed in a single hotel style room, which again, was not that great but it beats a normal university dorm. Price was of course cheap.

 12 Years ago
1 0 4.4
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