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From : France

Good university. Very bad international students administration. The staff from this office gets immediately bored when you ask them the tiniest question. It feels like they're sick of dealing with international students and don't like their job. They also categorize you based only on their first impression and what they see. "He is tall, so he is scary". "He is French, so he is arrogant". That's what they think! I sincerely wish these people to be revealed their true vocation and stop being incompetent in the job they do everyday. Guys, if you work in this office, it means you also get paid to answer my questions. There's a kind of an evil feeling coming out of this office I wish no one to get to know before they work on changing it. If you don't like your job : resign.

 3 Years ago
1 0 2.9
Ben Sghaier Marwa
From : Tunisia

i don t really recommend this school .the campus is good they have gym cafeteria clean dorms but it is very very expensive compared to other dorms in china.i have been here for one year and i m changing university already.The administration staff service is very bad .specially the international office.you have to write applications and explain many times in order to just receive your grades or even a certificate of studying there .too much pressure caused by them .also the teachers for majors which are taught in english they can barely speak english.Please reconsider your choice before applying .best of luck

 3 Years ago
4 0 1.2
From : Italy

I went to TFSU last year from August to December 2013, I suggest for all of you to go there, beautiful campus and facilities, expecially foreing student\'s dorm!

 8 Years ago
2 0 4.7
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