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Busha Analicia
From : United States

The structure of the program focuses on the 4 essentials of learning a language: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. However, instead of like other universities in China that devote a 2 hour block to each individual section, Tianjin Normal teachers use a Western method where they incorporate all 4 in their classes. Personally, I feel it is much more beneficial to the students.Classes are held from 8-12 p.m. every week. Two hours are devoted to a lecture style class where the teacher will interact with the students and teach the new grammatical structures and vocabulary. The other two hours are TA sessions with no more than 8 students in each group. These are probably the most painful but at the same time rewarding, as you'll be drilled nonstop until the new structures are permanently stuck in your head. When I was a student, I was at the really old campus near Balitai Mall and the Tianjin TV tower. The classrooms were straight out of the 1950~1960s. On the campus was a somewhat nice hotel that was converted into a housing facility for foreign students. The rooms were fine...typical of any dorm in China. 2 twin beds, tv, bathroom, but no kitchen. In my experience, Tianjin is a great city to begin or continue to learn Chinese. It isn't like Beijing where a good deal of people can also communicate in English. Therefore, you really have to push yourself to learn the language if you want to go anywhere or do anything. The first time I participated in the program, I knew basically no Chinese. The first few days were a train wreck whenever I went out alone. However, after 2 weeks of class, I was already much more confident and willing to talk to locals and haggle at stores.

 10 Years ago
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