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Kiarie Christopher
From : Kenya

For the two months that i have been here,i have enjoyed the cooperation and assistance by the various departments that i have had dealings with;namely the International Students Office and the I.T office. My best moments are a)Been picked up at the airport by the school vehicle. They kept their word.b)My first dinner at the campus restaurant.One of the students,though her English was not as fluent as she would have liked but she noticed how lost i was when selecting my first meal on a Chinese character written menu,walked up to me and even suggested a meal for a first timer in China. My worst moments. I may not have a very bad moment considering my personality as i tend to be very patient. I have to say,though,that the Chinese really need to work on the spitting habit.This is not a trend in my University only but most of the places i have been to, people tend to have this habit,especially the over 30 years old bracket.It is very irritating,especially during meal times in restaurants.I am almost getting used to it now.

 11 Years ago
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