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From : Mexico

Don't come here worst school ever here is why , dorms avoid nanhu campus, dorms are big but the building its full of bugs, cockroach. Shifus dont give a damn about you bathrooms are about to collapse, office staff both at mafanshang campus and nanhu dont give damn about your well being only when you dont pay tuition fees they threat to expel you. Staff not well prepared or equip to handle foreigners most are fresh graduates with crappy English skills no patience, specially that lady called zhu jiang that feels superior to you just because she speaks french. And always on bad mood. Mr william not helpful ask students reps for advice about fixing dorms or school improvements doesn't do shit classes are ok but seriously student life and well being is also important for development, many people want to complain but are afraid because of scholarship, dorm is a prison, go to huashi or wuhan university or huazhong better campus , better quality, scholarship wise they pay you until the 10th of every month or even later compared to the majority of other schools that pay on every 1st or 3rd. This place is fucked up avoid it.

 5 Years ago
8 0 1.3
Olaget Landina
From : Philippines

I am not studying here but have been here. I really want to study here. I fell in love in the place the first time I set foot inside the campus.

 7 Years ago
0 0 4.4
Yapi Emelyn
From : Papua New Guinea

wuhan is the top 10 university in china and it is known for giving quality education to its own citizens and to the foreigners like me who wish to have the opportunity to study there to futher develope their skills. I so wish and dying to study there to become a better person.

 7 Years ago
2 0 4.6
epaphrodite byiringiro bibio
From : Rwanda

wuhan is the educatif and skilled university admired and in which i wsh to study to.

 7 Years ago
1 0 4.3
epaphrodite byiringiro bibio
From : Rwanda

wuhan is the best universities that give good education in china and i wish to study there because i like it.

 7 Years ago
1 0 4
From : Yemen

Good school

 11 Years ago
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