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From : Republic of South Sudan

Am good to be here such that I have to get the quality of education that I need

 5 months ago
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From : Bangladesh

 1 Year ago
0 0 4.4
From : Pakistan

best university and have good location and all facilities.

 2 Years ago
4 0 3.4
From : United States

Try to hang out with Chinese students here. They are super smart. Literally the TOP 0.1% students of China.

 4 Years ago
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From : Pakistan

please guide me my mail id is

 5 Years ago
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Tan Yen Tzer
From : Malaysia

There is little to no communication between the international student office and the administration of the department which causes a complete dilemma especially for students who are not fluent in Mandarin. You are expected to do everything on your own, down to your own dormitory assignment. Despite the above, you won't find a more culturally diverse university than BFSU.

 9 Years ago
7 0 3.8
Lee Sangmin
From : South Korea

The facilities,school,teachers, and students are incredible. I would highly recommend this school and this programs for not only intensive summer course but for all classes in any semester. There are quite a few people in the class, only 4-5, quite a good study programs.

 9 Years ago
3 0 4.4
Moise Wandji Monangai
From : Cameroon

I find China most suitable for my studies because of; it's highly developed universities, research landscape and its cultural disparity. My choice of Beijing foreign University is as a result of the following reasons: -Wide and diverse range of studies and qualification opportunities - It offers courses geared to international needs and internationally recognized qualification. -It is a partner to many other accredited Universities such as Lancaster University and Case Western Reserve University in the US and UK, and many others institutions around the Globe. This facilitates exchange programs in other universities. The most interesting aspect of BFSU is the presence of so many international teachers and students from all over the world. A friendly attitude will reward you with diversified knowledge of other people, countries and cultures. Most campus facilities are affordable e.g. 600RMB(95.1251 USD) annually for the Gym membership. Books and study materials are also very cheap most ranging between 15-75RMB. I also love the food served in the canteens. Studying in China can be very challenging especially when it comes to communication. I had great difficulty communicating with staffs but with the help of both Chinese and other international students who speak both Chinese and English, it has become less difficult for me. I believe that as time unfolds, it becomes less easy for anyone to master the language and understand the culture. What I dislike about my school is the student staff relationship. Most students don't even know their deans and find it difficult to communicate in times of trouble. Staffs in the marketing and international office have very poor communication skills. Inconsistent relay of information is very common. Complain "A" in one office and get "Z" in another. Also, the student unions are insignificant and ineffective. The staffs make most decisions without consenting with students whose interest/needs I find paramount.

 11 Years ago
5 0 3.6
Yurkovskaya Yuliya
From : Kazakhstan

The best thing was a quite few people in the group, only 5-6, quite a good study program, nice young teachrs. The worst thing was the problem with accomodation at the end of the study. Even though the furniture was not new at the beginning, people from the reception said that I must pay for some scratches on furniture and TV at the end of the stay. Another bad thing was my certification which I got at the ens of the courses: not enough information there, very poor quality, just a piece of printed paper with a rot seal, but no information about a timeframe of my cources, about exams and notes. I think that is quite bad if you pay money for the course. However, overall time at this university was good and interesting with some short trips in Beijing organized by the university.

 11 Years ago
1 0 3.6
White Peter
From : United Kingdom

Good courses, good professors, good service, and great internationalised study environment. I don't need to worry about my poor Chinese at all here, because all the students, teachers and staffs even security men can speak more or less English.

 11 Years ago
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zhao Sharon
From : China

The administration and professors are very helpful and knowledgable. Study at BSU is one of my best experience in China.

 11 Years ago
1 0 4.6
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