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From : Kazakhstan

How can I get full Scholarship for Bachelor Program in this university?

 5 Years ago
13 0 4.5
From : Bangladesh

How can I get full Scholarship ( Tuition fees + Dorm fess) for Bachelor Program?

 5 Years ago
8 0 4.9
Lata Joshika
From : Fiji

How can I get a full scholarship for MBBS programme.

 5 Years ago
8 0 4.6
Gesessew seifu Weldemariam
From : Ethiopia

one of the best in China as i try to see from website and information from friends

 6 Years ago
4 0 4.9
From : Iran

One of the best universities, especially in the field of China studies

 7 Years ago
4 0 5
From : Pakistan

iam think iam very lucky when my admission in this universty because the teachers are very co-operate and very sinceare to his work , work in laboratory is such a nice

 7 Years ago
13 0 4.5
From : Nepal

Location, city, teachings, facilities are better

 9 Years ago
3 0 4.1
Chansawangwong Pim
From : Thailand

Professor, lecture and lab equipment are good. University environment and people here are also good, most of the student here can speak English.

 9 Years ago
0 0 4.3
ahmed intisar
From : Somalia

apply in at zhejinag university was something strange for because i don.t have any experience for chinese school and culture except some internet iforrmation. it was my firts time to travel outside to my country so everything was totally new to me. although i heard that chinese people don.t speak english but fortunately all of sudden i got some chinese students whose i communicate them and help me to settle down. the firts mojor problem was food because it was different the one i used to after all now i am feeling completely settle and comfortable having foreign and chinese freinds , having fun , studying good environment, its really experience for me and step forward in my life. i also recommend many of my freinds to apply zhejiang is such wonderful university number one in china now, loacted beautiful city in hangzhou.

 10 Years ago
2 0 4.4
Callin Jimmy
From : Sweden

Zhejiang University was my first stay in China, and at the time of arrival I really didn't know what to expect. In the beginning there were a lot of misunderstandings since almost no one of the staff speaks English, and the one or two who does barely knows more than a few sentences. Because of this, there were problems of getting information of how to enroll in class, and you had to rely on information from other international students in the dorms. Speaking of the dorms, they were fairly average. I stayed in a single bed room, and it was pretty much what you would expect from a Chinese room. Hard beds, cold during winter and hot during summer, with an inefficient AC as help. Although the campus, along with the rest of Hangzhou, is beautiful and one of the best things about the university. It's relatively close to West Lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in China, and you can easily take a walk to the lake. The education was solid, and my teachers felt engaged in my studies. At the start of the semester you make a test for deciding what Chinese level you're enrolling in, but there's no problem in later switching to either an easier or more difficult level. In all, I was positively surprised of the educational level and would recommend the university for anyone who wants to stay in Hangzhou.

 11 Years ago
5 0 3.4
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