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Reyes Joan
From : Australia

I have studied Chinese language in the International College department where many foreigners study Mandarin. The college smells of cigarette smoke, the staff and teachers have a non-smoking policy, but when students smoke, teachers and staff do not stop them. Students smoke at the lobby, and at the lobby cafeteria, no one tells and stops them. I told one of the staff at the reception to stop the student from smoking, and he simply said " I can't, I just can't". So there is no enforcement of smoking law here. I have been studying here and I feel sick everyday coming to school inhaling cigarette smoke. I'm back in my country now, but I don't want to study there again on the next semester.

 10 Years ago
4 0 2.9
Alshare Mustafa
From : Jordan

Shenyang Normal University does not provide us with HSK test preparation classes leaving us with little or no hope to excel

 12 Years ago
3 0 1.6
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