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Stokvis Rogier Hugo
From : Netherlands

Yuxi Normal University is not the place to go if you want good classes. They will make you pay 30 yuan per hour, so not the normal and advertised tuition per semester. This is very expensive, especially considering the teachers are often late half an hour, have one hour breaks and finish half an hour early. Also the classes itself and the teaching are below average. They basically only cater to the Thai exchange students and dont care about the other students. Dont expect the administration to do much for you, the woman there is extremely unhelpful, you have to figure everything out yourself or ask the Thai students for help. The apartment on campus is big, but old, if youre on a high floor theres not enough water pressure for the shower, so I moved to a more modern flat outside the campus. Now for the positive points, the campus is nicely located on a mountain, with many sport facilities, like tennis courts, and the food in the canteen is excellent and cheap. The Chinese students there are very friendly and welcoming. The city is also very nice, clean air, good weather and nice scenery. There are not many foreigners, so if youre looking for a small city to live where you can speak a lot of Chinese, then you can consider Yuxi.

 7 Years ago
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Koole Stéphanie
From : Belgium

Yuxi Normal University, in Yunnan Province, is “the” place to go if you want to live and study in a nice friendly Chinese environment. Many people will tell you that Yunnan is the best place to live in China. I agree entirely with them: the weather is very pleasant, the sun shines, the air is pure, the university campus is very green and very well maintained and, most important, people are very friendly. There are three reasons why I have chosen to go to Yuxi Normal University to study Chinese: Since I am living on a tight budget, I chose Yuxi Normal University which is one of the cheapest universities in China. Cost of living in Yunnan is much lower than in many other areas of China. I wanted to be in a Chinese environment and avoid the big universities where you meet too many foreigners. In Yuxi I am the only European student. The other foreign students are from Asian countries: Thailand and Korea, mostly. Since often their English is not perfect, we have no other choice as to communicate in Chinese language which is rather an advantage to my view. - The fact that at Yuxi Normal University most of the students come from many different Chinese ethnic minorities was also an important point for me. It is very interesting to be surrounded by students from different backgrounds, nationalities and cultural heritage, it makes your experience even more fascinating! Living in Yuxi, you don't have the stress of big cities and you can travel around very easily. There are many buses going to Kunming or to other cities daily. It is not difficult to find a new place to visit every week end.

 11 Years ago
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