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From : Fiji

I studied mandarin at Jinan University, College of Chinese Language & Culture, not the main campus. The teachers and sports facilities were very good, together with the extra curricular activities organised by the university. The only major downside was the cafeteria, the food was horrible, but sometimes you dont have any choice because not everyone was rich enough the eat food outside the university.

Overall, it was a good experience in Chinas third largest city, Guangzhou.

 5 Years ago
5 0 3.6
From : France

After one semester of Rudimentary Chinese Language Course, I think I had good professors. They like their job and give time to help students. They usually add student in Wechat. They also speak in English. But if you take optional courses (price including in the tuition fees !), there are in Chinese... it\'s very difficult for people who had never learn Chinese... In each course, you have different level. Most of the students speak in English. So if you want to improve your oral chinese. Speak in Chinese and not in English ! Don\'t go to the canteen ! Not very good but cheap. Around the campus, you can find many restaurants. The course isn\'t in the principal campus (Jinan University) but in College of Chinese Language and Culture. Accomodation : If you want to live in the single room, it\'s in the old building. The new building is for double room or for four persons.

 8 Years ago
4 0 2.9
Chen Ying
From : United States

When I apply for this college I thought the classes will be taught in English and by Native English speakers. But I was wrong. Most classes are taught by Chinese professors. Their pronunciation was terrible, but not as bad as the Indian professors. They have just a few native English speakers. I don\'t even have most of them as my professor. My course was hard, I couldn\'t understand their teaching style but I\'m guessing this is the way how Chinese study their school work ever since they were young. So i have to get use to this. If you are looking for a good professor that actually teaches you and not having a textbook as a professor then you should not come to this school, or maybe even don\'t come to China for your education. The canteen here is terrible, but I am used to it. Just put your hopes here. The only thing that i like about this school is the classmates and students I met. Also, the surroundings of the school. Guangzhou city is the main campus, it is a large city full of entertainment. If you just want to party out you college, then this might be your choice. But I don\'t guarantee you can walk out the school with a degree. Good luck if you want to come here.

 9 Years ago
10 0 2.4
Brockston James
From : United States

Located on an outdated campus, the teaching building reassembled a glorified shack which would not be suitable to house a comprehensive school. Having wasted my time apply to this atrocious establishment the pain and frustration was worsened during registration day. The unorganized administration office was such in such shambles that I would find more order on a scrap heap. However I toughed it out and after having my money leaeched from me I began this horror semester. Out of the three teachers assigned to the class, only one was worth while. One was a barely graduated teenager, the other I would not even dare to call a teacher. Their main objective was clearly to waste time. They did not take into considaration the views of the students and just plodded through the syllabus, just because they had to. I cannot voice my frustration enough. This was the biggest waste of time, resources and patience.

 9 Years ago
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