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ghuru mehmood
From : Pakistan

Here you can further detail your study abroad experience. What were the best and worst things about your school? Do you have any tips for people thinking about studing here?

 10 Years ago
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mwangi john
From : Kenya

I will corporate with the institution and the school community

 11 Years ago
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Sandcroft Norman
From : Jamaica

This is a good school, however I believe they should review their curriculum for foreign students especially those doing their degree in English thus as to offer a more challenging course load and better assistance with the overall courses. Also little activities were planned for foreign students; they will have their sports days and we were never invited. None or little trips were planned for us, which were promised and never fulfilled. No support was giving to us if we decide to start a sports team.

 11 Years ago
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mremi saidy
From : Tanzania

Very well organised academic programs, curriculum,The best teaching methodologies, Research and Training. The best environment for foreign students studies and living, Excellent and talented Doctors/professors.

 11 Years ago
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Falesefulu Lepule
From : Samoa

This University is really good though. But the acommodation is quite not in a satisfying level, because maybe they prioritise the private student, also the monthly allowance is in a bit of not enough, in case of students that donot recieve any supplementary allowance from their country. Aniway, the staff hospitality is satisfactory, also the curriculum content is good. I recommend my country scholarship students to study in this University.

 11 Years ago
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Daud Saleh
From : United Arab Emirates

I like my university and I am happy to be here in Beijing Keji Daxue. The faculty is good and they engage students in learning activities very well. I like the food in cafeteria and it is also very cheap. I will say that you should join this university.

 11 Years ago
1 0 4.3
Hussain Shariq
From : Pakistan

USTB is a well known university and has large number of foreign students in various disciplines. Although the doctor level programs are offered in English, but most of the coursework is in Chinese langauge which creates difficulty in understanding and learning of courses. The university shall hire faculty that can teach courses in English language so that students can get benefit from the research related courses. Similarly, in various departments of university, foreign students face communication problem while performing certain tasks. Research facilities in universities is good and faculty try to provide maximum resources to their students. Accommodation is of good standard but it is suggested that PhD students shall be allotted single room like other universities instead of sharing with second person.

 11 Years ago
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From : Eritrea

The University has introduced English taught International Master's degree programs in 2009. Until this time it has accepted three batches of students. The quality of education is good. The university has excellent teaching, research and recreational facilities. In addition it has also excellent and qualified teaching and administrative staff.

 11 Years ago
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awan Rafi
From : Pakistan

The university of science and technology, formly was only for iron and steel related studies is best for Materials science and engineering in China. However, the administration especially the foreign office administration in the present period is very non cooperative.. In the field of Materials science and engineering, this university has well equipped labs with all the facilities.

 11 Years ago
0 0 2.8
Evagelia Misiona
From : Samoa

HI, My name is Misiona Evagealia and I'm from Samoa, and I am doing my master Degree at The University of Science and Technology of Beijing. The University has well educated teachers and professors who will help you with your major.

 11 Years ago
4 0 4.2
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