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From : (Unknown)

J'aimerais étudier dans cette université

 3 Years ago
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Smich Anna
From : Comoros

My name is Anna, I am from South Africa. When I was in Hainan University, I feel like Haikou is my Hometown. Hainan University is very good university and have a very good administration and also teaching quality. The food in this very fresh full such as: fish, coconut, juice.... I just want to say ENJOY!

 11 Years ago
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Glinskiy Andrey
From : Russian Federation

Campus: Campus is located on Haidian Dao - a nicer part of the city, cleaner, quieter and much less crowded. Sporting facilities are superb: stadium, numerous basketball, volleyball, tennis courts, outdoor swimming pool. Campus is about 15-20 minutes on foot from one end to another. There are electric buses (1 RMB) going around. Foreign students: About half of language (non-degree) students come from Russian-speaking countries, the rest from North America, Europe and few from Asian countries. There are in total some 30-60 foreign students learning Chinese. Teaching and learning: Tropical weather, sun and beaches let you relax and enjoy your stay in China, but don't help you advance faster with your learning of Chinese language. Students skip classes a lot, teachers are used to it. If studying is your priority, you may feel it goes too slow. Teachers are nice and very helpful though, and you can skip to next level/next class mid term if you want and study hard. Dorms: There is one dorm building (#15) for foreign students. Rooms are single, with balcony, aircon, bed, chair and work desk, no TV, en-suite bathroom with toilet and shower with water heater. You need to buy a mop, trash bin and all the sanitary stuff yourself. There are old washing machines on the ground floor (4 RMB/load), wash cycle takes 40 minutes. Internet (DSL, 2-4 Mbps) is 30-75 RMB per month. China Unicom office is nearby in building 12. Total rent+utilities+telecom cost is about 900 RMB per month or less. I would say, university dorms offer good value for money. Food: University canteens offer some wholesome Chinese food. Get used to it. 10 RMB spent at a canteen is enough to feed a big man. 30 RMB food expenses per day should be enough for everyone. European food is pretty much not available. There are reasonably priced restaurants outside north and south gates of the campus. In the evening there are a lot of food stalls at the south gate.

 12 Years ago
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