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From : United States

If you’re someone who has no knowledge of Chinese at all, I wouldn’t recommend the CSC program. Even if you do have prior experience with learning Chinese, I don’t recommend the CSC program. It does force you to improve your Chinese extremely quickly, but the pressure, workload and constant threatening to send you home if you’re not perfect is enough to break even the toughest students. The campus is very run down, and the dorms are filled with mold, roaches and they charge you for everything. There’s also a nice field of trash not that far from the dorms. The administration is not helpful and you’ll be expected to figure out most things yourself. Most of the staff tends to favorite certain kinds of foreigners... and some just don’t like foreigners at all(oh and trust me, they’ll make it clear). The campus is far away from everything, there aren’t that many options for food on campus, canteen is always dirty and expect to have to climb every inch of the campus to figure out which one of the million pickup stations they delivered your packages to. Wuhan as a whole isn’t a bad place, but probably not the best for students. The cost of living is also quite high, in my opinion, so be prepared for that as well.

 2 Years ago
2 0 1.4
From : United States

School has gotten worse over the years. It was already bad. Where in the world does a university not provide students with free internet? How are we to study or order food when there is virtually nothing to eat on campus after our food source was demoslished two years ago and never rebuilt. How do we communicate with our families and stay in touch with or teachers? Short answer we can't. Something is really wrong with this school administration. They don't care to accommodate their students after inviting them from overseas. The dorms are filled with mold and we are LOCKED IN HE DORMS WITH CHAINS AT NIGHT. Between malnourishment from the lack of food options on and around campus and the inability to use internet to get food, along with the sickly living conditions, you will only get sick or frustrated if you come here. The cleaning staff uses neither soap nor hot water to clean our public facilities. Just water and a rag that is used to clean EVERYTHING. Don't get sick here it will be your problem alone. The school won't help. Please try another university. There are some really great teachers here with huge hearts, but aside from that they don't even have a budget for photocopies. Policies are changed everyday and students never informed. These policies affect students and their ability to sucseffuly study to graduate. There are no syllabi for any classes, no advisors for keeping your graduation on track, no handbooks with rules and regulations, a website where the English version is always down or has issues, and further more of you try to clarify things in the office they will only get more confusing or complicated. Students come here with hope and desire to achieve and then have their spirit killed and are left thinking they are inadequate when actually the facility is quite pathetic and not setup for any students success. Save yourself the trouble look anywhere else.

 4 Years ago
7 0 1.7
From : United States

School is great but the CSC scholarship program they have is way to overwhelming. You are cramming in years worth of language in one year to pass the CSC exam. I came here with 0 knowledge of the language and its very fast pace and sooooooo intensive. If you do not pass the CSC exam you just go home. So its great to be a foreigner exchange student but not if you are a CSC student. I do not recommend the CSC program to anyone if you are new to the language. Its a very overwhelming fast pace intensive program.

 5 Years ago
3 0 3.3
From : Mexico

I stay there for 1 year, best quality of teaching, good teachers, lots of chinese students to practice after class, dorms little small for double rooms but clean ,beautiful campus, very central.located near metro and bus many choices of food chicony plaza, cinemas, malls , near many bars , banks,.

 5 Years ago
2 0 4.6
From : United States

DO NOT STUDY HERE! The administration is blatantly racist. They do not fix ANYTHING. For example there are 40 washing machines in each dormotory and I kid you not, there is ONLY 1 that still works. This has been brought to the attention of the administration for 2 years now. They do NOTHING. Also if you are African American or any race that has color on your skin expect to be treated like the scum of the earth or totally ignored. Even more so if you are actually from an African nation. Being American means nothing if you are black here.

 8 Years ago
9 0 1.6
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