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From : Rwanda

 2 Years ago
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From : Kyrgyzstan

I’ve started studying at this university in 2019. I think that our university is the best university in all respects of the word. The best staff of teachers. The best professionals in their field. They always arrange different excursions, concerts, olympiads for international students. Student life is really colorful and interesting. Each teacher always tries to help us. If we talk about the conditions in the hostels, they are very good. This university has everything for successful training. I really fell in love with this university, and I am really very glad that I chose ECUST.

 3 Years ago
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From : Indonesia

I came to study here in September. I studied my bachelors in here cause my sister recommended, and i dont regret it because the teacher is very nice with us also the dorm is single room make me really comfort.

 3 Years ago
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Santana Carlos
From : Mozambique

Does anyone know if accommodation on campus is available? If not where can I find a place to rent and a roommate to rent with me?

 5 Years ago
1 0 3.4
From : Uganda

I studied My bachelors and masters in this school. i dont regret for choosing you. when i am ready for PhD, i wont join any other University apart from ECUST. Long live Ecust.. 布莱恩1006002

 5 Years ago
2 0 4.6
Baig Mirza Aamir
From : Pakistan

I came to study here in February. I am really having a great time here. My decision to choose this university was probably the best educational decision I have ever made. Living in Shanghai is a plus point. Teachers and students are here are very friendly and helpful. There is no problem even if you cannot speak any chinese at all. Clases are really good. For international students this university is a heaven on earth. The beautiful campus offers amazing facilities and residence buildings for international students. I hope I will stay here for a long time for further studies. My we chat is aamirbaiglhr. Hope to see you here.

 6 Years ago
12 0 4.5
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